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Exposed Skin Care Reviews

Exposed Skin Care is a unique two-in-one acne-specific supplement that comes with both herbal as well as synthetic science-based ingredients that are best known to treat all kinds of acne lesions and provide rapid and yet sustained relief in mild to moderate acne as well as more serious acne that creates nodules and cysts.

Being composed of two types of ingredients i.e. natural as well as synthetic scientific ingredients, Exposed Skin Care consists of a synergistic system that combines ingredients from science and nature to create a product that renews and penetrates the skin to clear clogged pores of oil, dead skin cells and bacteria. The ultimate goal of Exposed Skin Care is to clear up troublesome acne, create an even skin tone and prevent new acne from forming. Most users’ testimonials do show that they have been able to achieve such goals after regular and continuous use of Exposed Skin Care. Furthermore,It is generally considered suitable and safe for all skin types and for all types of acne

Can be easily and securely ordered online without leaving the comfort of your own home

It is a multi-component, multi-step product that can be used to treats all kinds of acne lesions and relieves mild to moderate acne as well as more serious acne that creates nodules and cysts

With no continual side effects for its users; men and women using Exposed Skin Care system will see no excessive dryness to the skin while treating redness, irritation, itching, inflammation and scarring.

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SCIENTIFIC ACTIVES & Skin Repairing Ingredients:
Benzoyl Peroxide Kills Acne Bacteria
Salicylic Acid Unclogs Pores
Glycolic Acid Renews Skin
Sulfur Dries Sebum
Azelaic Acid Normalizes Skin
NATURAL EXTRACTS Proven to Heal Skin:
Green Tea Kills Acne Bacteria
Passion Flower Reduces Inflammation
Aloe VeraSoothes Irritated Skin
Sage ExtractFights Free Radicals
Gotu-Kola Improves Skin Healing
Good For:
Normal Skin
Sensitive Skin
Oily Skin
Costumer Reviews
Price (60-day supply)$49.95$79.97$53.99$59.95$39.90
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Clear Skin MAX Reviews


Clear Skin Max is a 6 Part Acne System developed by Roduve – a company well known for making skin care products. According to the Clear Skin Max website, it claims to “get rid of your acne for good” and “permanently”.

Clear Skin Max considers itself to be a holistic acne cleansing system that approaches acne from the outside as well as in. It involves a 6 step process to getting rid of acne. The cure is supposed to be all natural, easy to follow using these 6 steps to address the root cause of acne.

Obviously this is a hard claim to swallow since the typical treatment for acne involves consistent use of topical or ingestable medication over a long period of time. Even so most acne products have only been able to help manage the condition, not cure it. As such, it makes determining the true effectiveness of Clear Skin Max that much more important for acne sufferers.

1: Tea Tree Oil Control Daily Cleansing Gel

The Clear Skin MAX daily cleansing gel is based on tea tree oil and it is the essential base of the system. When you wash your face twice a day with the cleaning gel, your skin will get re-hydrated and will calm down quickly.

Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) is a traditional remedy of the Aboriginal tribes of Australia. Tea tree oil has antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, and germicidal properties.

Clear Skin MAX also included Bladderwrack extract which has been shown to decrease skin thickness and significantly improve in elasticity.

And Camomile extract promotes granulation, cell regeneration and has antiseptic and healing qualities.

2: Skin Soften & Melanin Expel Essence

Clear Skin MAX Essence contains Algae Extract which normalizes the skin’s moisture content and gives it suppleness.

It also contains Vitamin B3 which increases ceramide and free fatty acid levels in skin, preventing it from losing water, and also helps with blood circulation just below the skin.

3: Acne Vanisher Mask

The Acne Vanisher Mask will open up your pores and literally suck the dirt out from your skin. You only have to use this part of the system once or twice per week, depending on the severity of your problem.

They include Allantoin which is found in the comfrey root and is healing, soothing and non-allergenic. It will stimulate new tissue growth and help to heal your damaged skin. It also increases the smoothness of the skin by increasing its water content and enhances the natural exfoliation of dead skin cells, which makes it a superb moisturiser.

4: Pore Astringent Conditioning Lotion

They use Allantoin for its healing, soothing, moisturising properties, and because it heals damaged skin by stimulating new tissue growth.

And Witch Hazel which can help to give your skin a smoother texture by destroying some of the free radicals that cause wrinkles. It’s also one of the few natural substances that can help both eczema and psoriasis. Witch hazel is one of the few natural substances that can help both conditions.

5: Acne Treatment Emergency

Squalene, which is an extract from Olive Oil, helps to boost the skin’s ability to naturally regenerate, nourish and hydrate itself. Studies have shown that Squalane Oil has a stimulatory effect on the healing process which is thought to be due to the effects of anti-oxidants.

They included Vitamin E as studies have shown that it may help skin recover from acne scarring and reduce the appearance of scars left by acne.

also included Vitamin B3 and Allantoin to boost the formula.

6: ClearSkinMax Anti Acne tea

A powerful blend of 3 very powerful and medicinal teas renowned for their healing properties, it will help to ensure your skin becomes clear, beautiful and glowing .

A synergistic mix of Wild Chrysanthemum, Licorice Root and Peppermint Tea’s, this will calm the inflammation that causes soreness and your spots will start to look less inflamed, irritated and ‘angry’ and your skin will feel cooler and the annoying itching will subside.

Zenmed Reviews

Zenmed anti-acne and skin care system seems to have a unique mode of action that specifically targets both the root “cause” (internally) and the “effect” (externally) to reduce redness, pimples and lesions and prevent any additional breakouts. Zenmed is a blend of both herbal as well as synthetic prescription-grade nutrients that have been long-used for the successful treatment and prevention of acne.

According to a survey done of majority of ZenMed reviews, Zenmed removes the excess oil and bacteria that causes body acne without using the artificial colors or fragrance that irritate skin. It is basically done through a simple two-step process that treats all steps of the notorious acne cycle:

1-By preventing pimples: Alpha and beta hydroxy acids present in all of the Zenmed products prevent dead skin build-up from happening in the first place, hence preventing pimple formation and also clearing the existing pimples faster.

2- By healing existing lesions: Alpha and beta hydroxy acids reduce redness and remove scars, also healing any discoloration or damage.

It must be remembered that Zenmed has been specifically designed to treat generalized (body) acne and not just acne of the face. It covers acne cycle at levels and with full impact i.e. not only treats but also prevents future acne flare-ups. Also, no significant side effects have been reported so far. It is worth mentioning that Zenmed not only stimulates skin circulation and eliminates toxins of acne but also leaves your skin looking refreshed, brighter and more toned. Last but not least, these components also support skin collagen formation, and tissue strength and elasticity which eventually lead to progressive but powerful healing, removal of scars and bad spots from your face, neck and even arms.

Acne And Treatment With Probiotics

Introduction And Background

We keep hearing different things all the times, sometimes there is a cream that can work wonders for acne and sometimes it is an old wives tale that gets us out of the scrapes. But more often than not, we refuse to believe it. We stick to traditional methods of going to the doctor and requesting the best dermal cream for acne and ignoring all other options that exist or the doctor may provide. In this article, you will learn about Probiotics, how they may help us and how they can actually treat acne. Read on to find out what they are all about and how they just might be the answer that you have been searching for.

What Are Probiotics?
The simple definition that the web will give you is that Probiotics are actually a microorganism that is put inside a body so that it can benefit it somehow. The more complicated definition will tell you that Probiotics are actually bacteria or yeast (so that it doesn’t sound too odd), that can actually improve health even though it sounds a bit odd, a bacteria helping improve health! But Probiotics are actually available easily in supplements and even your own food! You might not recognize them as yet but they exist and their usage is also real and has scientific evidence behind it to prove itself.

How Is Acne Treatment Done With Probiotics?
Think about it yourself. How and why does acne occur? Sometimes it is some sort of germ or bacteria that has settled on your skin and inflammation occurs which gets worse in most cases. Other times, it could be something inside that has brought about a reaction in which acne results. Now, to protect from all of this, Probiotics spring into action!

  • Probiotics that are topically applied, meaning that they are present in creams, are often the best type used. The Probiotics in the cream settle very casually on the skin and then provide a protective barrier. The Probiotics do not let other bacteria settle on the skin or cause some sort of reaction or immunity reaction which can lead to bumps or any kind of inflammation. This is a great way of preventing acne but it is also a great way of stopping acne from spreading any further. In fact, it treats acne because it does not let it aggravate any further and often keeps the skin clean which is what everyone wants!
  • Probiotics will stop your skin from having any kind of inflammation. It will stop your skin from flaring up at the tiniest bacteria if it is that sensitive in the first place.
  • Probiotics are different from antibiotics. They not only help protect your skin but they also do not touch the good bacteria which is not an action that exists in antibiotics as antibiotics are capable of killing the good bacteria as well.

Where To Get Probiotics?
Funny thing is, they might already be in your house! There are a lot of food which have important Probiotics. All you have to do is find out which ones they are. If that option does not deem suitable to you then you can even get Probiotics orally in supplements or even in creams if you want to apply them topically.

How To Prevent Acne In The First Place!
Here is a measurement of how you can prevent acne in the first place! You don’t have to go through any treatment methods then. Here are a few measures that you can take:

  • If you are in a lot of use of cosmetics, reduce them! They contain a lot of chemicals and any one of them can actually be unsuitable for your skin and a reaction can occur. You’ll start with one or two pimples and then see them being scattered over the entire area! Start to be safe before it gets too late. And if you cannot stop using cosmetics, at least use them for the shortest while and apply them with a clean brush that is unused by any other.
  • Your diet matters a lot. As said above, you should eat fruits and vegetables as many of them naturally contain such elements and even Probiotics that are really excellent for the skin.
  • Drink a lot of water. It helps to get rid of the toxicity inside the body and it also ensures that your skin remains supple and glowing!

Acne and treatment with Probiotics are not something you should be afraid of. The word Probiotics might set off a lot of people because they would not know what it means. Now that you do know, is it anything to be afraid of? Certainly not! Hence, treat your acne with Probiotics, you will see the change yourself.

Acne And Gluten

Introduction And Background

There is a common misconception that the only people who get acne are teenagers. While it is true that their age group is the one that is most affected and out of four teenagers, three will definitely get acne in their lifetime. Nonetheless, their age group is not the only ones who will experience this skin condition. A lot of young adults have it and even middle aged people get acne. Elderly people with cases of acne are rarely seen so we’ll just cut it to the middle aged group! Hence, taking care of the skin should be something you should be particular about your entire life and not just in your teenage years. If you are conscious of your diet, you should remain conscious and if you are good at hygiene you should continue the habit.

You must have heard this word quite a lot but then again, there are many words we hear which we don’t follow up on and don’t bother finding out about. Gluten is one of those words. As far as anyone has ever heard of gluten is the fact that it is found in most of our food. Gluten is actually a protein that is commonly found in bread and grains due to its sticky nature and its ability to provide a bond between the grains. Other than that, gluten is also found in gels and shampoos, again due to its sticky nature.

What Is Gluten’s Relation With Acne?
You must be wondering what it is exactly that has acne and gluten related and how are they related? Well, gluten is related to acne by something known as Gluten Sensitivity. It is actually a condition that many people have which they might even be unaware of.

What Is Gluten Sensitivity?
Gluten sensitivity is a condition in which the body does not adjust to gluten and the immune system has a highly negative reaction to it. The negative reaction that the body has often consists of inflammation occurring or even problems in the stomach and the duodenum, the upper gut basically. However, gluten sensitivity is most visible on the skin and the inflammation and the spots can often lead to acne forming. If you aren’t careful enough, it can spread to many parts of the body and not just one. A lot of people don’t know that they are gluten sensitive and often are not careful enough with substances that contain it. Having a headache is also one of the most prominent symptoms of being gluten sensitive, along with skin problems that is.

Does Gluten Sensitivity Cause Acne?
Although no evidence has yet been prominent enough so that the scientists and doctors can actually declare that gluten sensitivity causes acne, all the data that has been collected so far strongly suggests that it can cause acne. Those people who are gluten sensitive do not flare up as one that has an allergic reaction but gradually differences are seen in their skin and that too very visibly. Hence, one should always be careful about the products that have gluten. It is written clearly in the ingredients or nutrients section about something and whether or not it has gluten.

Is Gluten An Important Protein?
No, it is not. It does not come in any of the categories of being an important protein or a protein that is essential for the proper functioning of the body as other proteins are. Gluten is just a substance which is utilized in a good way and has no particular role in the body.

Where Can Gluten Be Found?
As even mentioned above, Gluten can be found in grainy food such as bread and biscuits. Gluten is also found in other things such as shampoos and soaps and even gels but you don’t have to worry about that much. The food gluten affects the skin more than that contained in shampoos or other such stuff.

With acne, you always have to be on the lookout. Do not think that just because you are out of your teens, you are safe from acne. A lot of pregnant women get acne too but then again, that is because of the hormonal changes that they are facing. Still, they do get acne. This is just to prove that no matter what age you are at, even if the probability has lessened, the probability is still there. Thus, it is better to be careful about your health and skin than to let go completely. Acne is not a skin condition that anyone would ever like to experience and if someone has experienced it already and wouldn’t want to go through it again, they would know what it’s like to take care of yourself and to take preventive measures against it!

Beware Of The Dangers Of Allergic Reaction Of Acne Medications

Introduction And Background

When you think of acne, you will immediately get scared because it is a skin condition that is most detested by almost everyone. If you have it, you hate it. If you don’t have it, you fear it. In either case, you worry about it. Acne is treatable but the fact remains that it takes a long time for the skin to heal. It can take from several weeks to several months. One has to be really patient. But other than that, you have to pick the right kind of treatment process for yourself. One always reverts to using acne medications but as the name has stated, beware of the dangers of allergic reaction of acne medications.

Dangers Of Allergic Reaction Of Acne Medications
Although medications are always meant to help people, not everyone is built the same way. Something that might be good for someone else sometimes proves to be pretty awful for you. You have to be careful. There are many drug ingredients which can cause your skin to become irritated and inflamed and in worst case scenarios some of the allergic reactions are so severe that they can become life-threatening as well. There are a lot of medications which contain the active ingredients salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. These two ingredients are commonly found in many of the gels, lotions, creams and face products that are made for acne clearing.

What To Do?
Before buying a product, always check its active ingredients. However, always try to use the product in minimal amount at its first try to find out whether or not it suits your skin. Imagine if you buy an acne cream and put it all over your face and then you have an allergic reaction. The consequences to that would be a nightmare and it would take you double the time to recover after that.  But if you have used it in a small area and then realized that your skin is turning red and itchy and you are having a reaction, it can be contained and better yet you’ll figure out never to use that cream again. Sometimes, using these creams can be worse than what you are already facing such as itching, redness etc. Always test the product first before applying it anywhere so that you have an idea of how it would react on your skin. You can even take a pinch and rub it on your arm to see what happens rather than hitting directly on the most sensitive area of the entire body; your face.

What Allergic Reactions Can Take Place?
As said above, sometimes severe allergic reactions can take place which can even prove to be life-threatening if one considers the worst possible scenario. Some of the symptoms are:

  • Extremely visible swelling of the cheeks, the lips and the eyes. The swelling is not always limited and can be of the entire face due to the acne medication usage.
  • One of the symptoms included throat tightness which can lead to difficulty in swallowing amongst other problems which can occur due to it.
  • Some experienced shortness of breath and that poses a problem for those who are already facing such problems such as asthma or anemia.
  • A wheezing sound is also one of the allergic symptoms.
  • Low blood pressure is a very common symptom and one that is given a slight excuse as medication often tends to tamper with the blood pressure.
  • Hives are also seen.
  • Itching and sudden dryness are also experienced.

You can clearly see the dangers that are caused by an allergic reaction due to acne medication. Instead of making things better, they gradually or suddenly become worse. Although a lot of people have faced problems over the years with some medication not suiting them at all, various people have been hospitalized over it but to date there have been no deaths reported. It can be life-threatening but it has yet to take a life, these acne medications! Sometimes it becomes common to have a slight reaction to medication and that is acceptable. It happens with everyone almost. But the ranges matter. If there is slight redness, that is fine. If there is swelling or itching, it is best to not use the product again.

Acne medications are not dangerous exactly and they are helpful loads of times but you have to be careful with them. There could be a medication that wouldn’t suit you at all and it can lead to a lot of problems for you. Hence, beware of the dangers of allergic reactions of acne medications and do your duty to test a product before using it. It can prevent a bad situation from happening.


Does Junk Food Aggravate Acne?

 Introduction And Background

The question that you all might love to ask is whether or not junk food has any affect on acne? Does it worsen acne, does it aggravate it or make it worse? The term –junk- has been applied this type of food and we all can assume what the answers to the questions will be, yes? Forever, grownups have been telling us and warning us about how junk food is bad for us and we should stick to natural home cooked foods. But of course, the human stomach is not satisfied long by the home cooked food and sometimes there isn’t even enough time to cook it and thus we all resort to junk food, a faster way of giving our body energy! But are we also giving it something more?

What Is Junk Food?
Before we answer the major and big question, here is a little explanation of what junk food really is. This term is applied to almost all foods that parents or teachers do not like but what does it actually mean? Junk food is food that has a lot of calories but if you see the nutritional value of the food, it comes up lacking or is really low. No wonder we are told not to get too comfortable with junk food! It comes in all forms. It can be packaged food or even the fast food we get. It all depends on how the food is made and what is the nutritional value of it. Thus, basically unhealthy food is considered to be junk food.

Does Junk Food Aggravate Acne?
Yes, it does. It has already been proven a lot of times that what you eat is very important to your skin. How many times have we heard that you are what you eat? It is actually very true. Junk food can easily aggravate acne because it has all that which our skin does not really need in large amounts and if we eat a lot of junk food, let’s just say things can get pretty bad! Junk food has a high oil, salt and sugar content which messes up quite a lot of balances in the body. Obesity is easily caused by eating too much junk food. However, if we eat a lot of oil we can safely presume that even our body would produce quite a bit of sebum which can settle on our skin and even block our pores. Now, who really wants that to happen? No one. Even with sugar, too much of it can actually cause inflammatory reactions in our body. People complain that they get acne because of eating too many chocolates. It is not the fault of the chocolate as much as the fault of the sugar content that the chocolate probably holds!

Which Junk Foods Can Aggravate Acne?
On the top of this particular list lies the name ‘soft drinks and sodas’. They are often pretty directly associated with acne and can aggravate it further. Even those who have acne have noticed that their acne became better after they stopped drinking soft drinks and sodas. Not only are they not good for your health overall but they are known to aggravate acne. Chocolates are not considered as junk food entirely but even they are labeled as acne aggravators. Other foods which can aggravate acne, junk foods to be more specific, are pizza and even greasy foods such as French fries. Of course, these foods are on the high list of being most loved by teenagers and young adults all over the world. But this particular age group is also the one that is most affected by acne. Check any research and you’ll see that acne is most common in teenagers from the age of fourteen to young adults of the age twenty five to twenty six. Telling them to stop eating these foods will be quite an effort on the person who is saying it but the fact remains that if they truly care about their skin, they will stop eating junk foods. Nothing is worse than having acne at an age where you want your skin to be flawless and beautiful because you care immensely about it. If you are on the road to recovery or are treating your skin, it is important to lay off junk foods along with whatever else it is that you’re doing.

It is widely accepted, the consequences that junk food can have on our skin. But then again, there are many who do not stop having it till things get too worse. Before they reach that point, try to heal your skin and avoid anything that can aggravate your pimples further. After all, to achieve flawless skin you will have to struggle for it and that means no pizza!

Can Acne Be Completely Cured At Home?

 Introduction And Background

When skin conditions are just around the corner or have happened already, every single one of us freaks out. We either run to our parents or expect them to simply produce some sort of miracle cure or we run to our friends and complain and whine until they tell us a solution to the problem. Some of us also quietly deal with the situation in hand but the number behind that is less. The skin condition which of course scares us to our roots is acne, the one which we all dread because it is so common and because the probability that we might get it once in a lifetime is more than eighty percent! However, do not fear, acne can be cured.

Yes, There Is A Cure
A lot of people have been told wrongly that acne cannot be cured and the skin can never become the same again. Your skin can be cured but about being the same again, that would honestly depend on how old you are. If you are in our middle ages, you can cure acne and it can disappear completely but if there is any acne scarring then it would probably show. Some are luckier to not have acne scarring and their skin becomes flawless again but then again, teenagers recover completely while older people take time adjusting. The healing powers of the young are quicker and more effective now, aren’t they?

Cures At Home
Rather than rushing off to a doctor who will probably recommend the dermal cream that you were going to buy anyway, why not do a little research and be smart yourself and that too right at home? Cures at home are more effective because there is nothing better than treating oneself naturally if the natural treatment is working. And treatment against acne has known to work almost all the time. There are several methods you can use right at home to cure your acne:

  • Find Out About Foods
    The first thing you should be if you have to cure yourself at home is to figure out a diet plan in which there should be all the healthy fruits and vegetables that will help fight your acne. Internet is available in every household and there are a lot of articles on different kinds of foods for skin and about what they contain and how they help. According to what it says, stock your fridge and then eat healthy. It will do wonders for your skin. The antioxidants in some fruits and the vitamins in some vegetables will start up the healing process right away. You need everything you can get.
  • Do Your Research And Get A Cream Accordingly.
    Rather than going to the doctor and eating his head and paying him to tell you about a cream you must already know about, do your own research. Ask others what they used for their acne because there are bound to be loads of people around you who have suffered from acne themselves. Get a good dermal cream and use it according to the instructions written on them. Of course if your acne is pretty severe, you should always consult a doctor. But mild to normal acne can be completely cured at home as well. Most people cannot afford to go to a skin specialist or a dermatologist on every whim. They cure their acne just fine right at home.
  • Make Natural Pastes And Apply Them.
    There are various recipes available on websites which give you quantities of certain foods such as honey and oatmeal etc. You mix the ingredients they outline to form a thick paste. This paste is excellent for skin. Instead of using masks and creams of companies, make your natural pastes right at home. They work even better! It’s just the people do not want to indulge in anything that like that and they often become lazy. But using honey in pastes for skin is just an excellent way to recover from acne.

Bear In Mind…
Acne can be completely cured at home. Rarely does the condition get so out of hand that one needs extensive medical treatment or laser treatment for it. But other than that, mild to slightly severe acne can easily be dealt with at home. One need not worry themselves over the trips to pharmacies and doctors.

At home remedies have for the longest time been avoided generally. But since the past few years they have risen again when they have proved to be effective and have thoroughly dealt with the problems they were the solutions for. Thus, do not hesitate to cure your acne at home. Just make sure that you are doing it the right way, that is all.



Cucumber and Skin – Natural Skin Nourishment


Taking care of the skin is something whose importance cannot be stressed upon enough and that importance has surely become more commonly recognized as people invent new methods to protect the skin every passing day. The field of medicine is hard at work, creating new products every single day as the researchers experiment with element both natural and synthetic. It is no secret that the use of natural ingredients in the treatment of skin is something that no synthetic material can challenge. Therefore we see new products utilizing these natural ingredients more and more, creating products that may look synthetic but are actually formulae being created using those very natural ingredients. While we are discussing about naturally grown products and their importance in skin care, there is one particular element, a very famous vegetable that goes by the name of cucumber that is the oldest and most commonly known in this field. With countless applications of cucumber as a beauty enhancer, it has been thoroughly researched for its potential benefits to the skin. The undeniable truth that has been derived from this research is that not only is cucumber one of the most beneficial vegetables for the body overall, it has a lot of unique properties that make it a very effective source for skin treatment. Read on to find out more about the role that cucumber plays in the healthy growth and protection of skin.

Properties of cucumber

Cucumber is a great vegetable that contains a lot of minerals, vitamins and most importantly, water. The unique combination of elements that the cucumber has in its has been studied closely by man for hundreds of years now and its frequent use as a beauty product in spas proves that the vitamins and minerals that are found inside this humble vegetable make for the perfect concoction for skin care.

Benefits to the skin

The benefits that the use of cucumber provides to the skin are numerous and some of these benefits have been discussed here to gain a better perspective about how cucumber helps in skin care. These benefits include:

  • Skin revitalization:This is a very basic and important function that the cucumber plays in skin care. The fluids found inside the cucumber are a combination of water and minerals that when combined and applied onto the skin in raw form can help in the tightening of the skin. Facial masks that are applied in spas mostly contain cucumber juice.
  • Sunburn treatment:Due to the high liquid concentration inside the cucumber, applying it on sun burnt skin can actually cause it to reverse the effect of the burn and bring back natural look to the skin. The burn marks can be completely removed by applying slices of cucumber.
  • Hydration of skin:One of the most important things for the skin to look young is for it to stay hydrated at all times. Cucumbers have a high water concentration in them which when absorbed by the skin can remove the dryness. Also the potassium and Vitamin E found in it can remove blemishes and wrinkles.
  • Treating puffy eyes:Cucumbers can instantly provide relief from puffiness of eyes if your feel that your eyes are getting puffy. The cucumber has caffeic acid and ascorbic acid in it which brings down the amount of water retained by the skin around the eyes, thus reducing the swelling and puffiness.


The list of benefits that cucumber has for the skin can go on and on and not end for a long time. However, having read the information provided above and having seen the use of cucumber in skin treatment for such a long time, we can easily say that there is no better ingredient than cucumber when it comes to skin care.




Carrot Juice and Skin – Studying the Benefits


Skin care is one of the most sought after and researched on fields in all of medicine. With millions and millions of dollars being spent on the creation of new drugs and treatments every passing day, the sole purpose of which is to make our skin look better, there is a whole world out there waiting to be explored. The researchers have decided to dive deeper and deeper into the science behind the skin and how it can be preserved in any way or better yet, made to become younger than its true age. This constant effort to make our skins look better and healthier has broken a lot of horizons in terms of research and one of these horizons is the nature itself. Finding elements that perfectly address the issue of skin care has been the top priority of a lot of research groups as it has been very clear for quite some time that the amazing and miraculous properties that some of these things have in them naturally can never be matched by any synthetic product whatsoever. All this effort for the protection of skin does make sense too. After all, it is what holds our whole structure together in one place. One particular element that has shown great promise in the healing of damaged skin and making it younger is carrot juice. The overall benefits of carrot juice is nothing new, however, the way it benefits the skin is what this article is about. To find out more about it, keep reading.


Benefits of Carrot Juice for Skin

Carrots have a lot of amazing properties that make them a great food for maintaining a healthy body and providing much needed nutrients to its consumer. However, the benefits that it provides to the skin when consumed in the form of juice is also something of great notice. Some of these benefits have been discussed below:

  • Prevention of scarring and dryness:Carrot juice has an abundance of potassium in it which helps in reducing the dryness in the skin and also counters blemishes and scars. Another benefit is that it helps in improving the tone of your skin, thus making you look much livelier. The fact that it’s a liquid is particularly helpful in keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized.
  • Prevention of Acne:This is one of the most important things about carrot juice. There are a lot of essential oils in it which help in the detoxification of the body, thus making it difficult for acne to form on your skin.
  • Provision of much needed vitamins:In order to stay healthy, the skin needs a constant flow of vitamins and carrot juice is filled with loads of vitamins. For example the abundance of Vitamin A in carrot juice can help prevent problems like eczema, rashes and even dermatitis.
  • Defense against sun damage:A very important element in carrot juice is the beta-carotenoids which are basically found in plants to help with photosynthesis. This particular element can not only reduce the chances of getting sun burns, it also makes the skin capable of sustaining sun damage.
  • Anti-aging:There is no debating the fact that no one likes to see sagging skin on their body and carrot juice is just the solution for that. Providing the body with Vitamin A and collagen, carrot juice is very effective in slowing down the aging process of the skin and as a result the skin remains soft and firm for quite a long time.


Final Words

The advantages of carrot juice are simply countless and considering the huge number of benefits it carries in it for the skin, it is quite obvious that having carrot juice as a regular part of our diet is a must.