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10 Easy Tips To Cure Acne Naturally

Introduction And Background

Teenagers are often the most scared of the word acne because they know that it is in their age that they can most likely suffer from this skin condition. And of course, they would. Puberty and hormonal changes that teenagers suffer is often the leading cause of the brings about acne. And since they cannot escape the changes of puberty or the hormones, they have to suffer from acne too at times. Well, they shouldn’t worry about it much. We all know that acne is only temporary if you have the right treatment methods in your hand. And in this article, we provide you with ten!

10 Easy Tips To Cure Acne NATURALLY
Teenagers do not have money. In fact, most adults also find themselves in a bit of a scuffle if they have to shell out money for expensive dermal creams. Well, here are ten natural tips that are just as good as those dermal creams and they won’t cost a thing.

  • It is a popular acne home remedy and you all would know it as the ‘toothpaste’ remedy. Yes, it is exactly what you think it is. Take a bit of toothpaste after you have washed your face in the night and have brushed your teeth. Apply a bit of it on the pimples. Make sure that it is in the paste form and not the gel form as it tends to be nowadays. Let it remain overnight. Wash it first thing in the morning when you wake. You will notice that the inflammation has reduced considerably after a few days.
  • We think that salty water can dry the skin but it is exactly what we need in acne. The oil is really bad for the acne because more bacteria can settle this way and pores can be easily clogged. To treat the acne, wash your face at least twice a day with salty water so that it remains oil-free for a longer time. This should only be done to cure acne and not at other times because dry skin is not that good for young skin. It can cause wrinkles.
  • Take Aloe Vera leaves and make a paste out of it. You can do it by either crushing the leaves or taking the gel that oozes out of the leaves. Either way, apply the paste or the mask that develops on the acne for about fifteen to twenty minutes and then wash it off. Do this exercise at least once a day for best results.
  • We all know that lemon is the best cleanser out there. Every washing powder and detergent has lemon in it which should make us all wonder, why can’t we use it? Take lemon drops and mix it with a little honey to apply on the face or even take the peeled skin of lemon and rub it lightly over the acne affected areas. It is bound to detoxify and give color and radiance to the skin.
  • You need to set the diet right if you are planning to cure the acne. It does matter that you are treating the acne from the outside but you need to make sure that the skin is getting the appropriate nutrition from the inside. You should make sure that your diet consists of fruits and vegetables and even fats. Drink juices instead of soft drinks and eat chicken and meat too. You need all the elements of the diet, the correct food pyramid to cure the acne naturally.
  • Orange peel is also affective in curing acne. Take an orange, peel it and then grind it and crush it. Mix it with warm water after doing so, making a paste. After you have made a paste, apply it onto the acne affected areas. Wash it off after twenty minutes.
  • Take foods that have a lot of zinc and the B vitamins. They are really good for the skin. Foods such as green leafy vegetables and even carrots and tomatoes.
  • Mix lime juice and a little rose water together. You’ll be surprised at the affect it can have on the skin. Not only will it reduce the acne but it will also make your skin rosier and cleaner.
  • Honey should also be taken regularly. It boosts the immune system and kills the bacteria. Do not apply honey directly onto the skin. It is better to eat it than apply it.
  • Nettle tea is probably a tea you haven’t heard of but it can cure the acne by redeeming the skin and solving all the problems you are having with the inflammation and the pain it can sometimes cause.

Natural methods work. All you have to do is believe in them and have the patience to see the results.

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