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Introduction And Background

Only yesterday, my friend called me up and told me that she is sick and tired of getting pimples on her face and she cannot understand how it is happening so suddenly. I remember in the old days that her face was the only one that was completely flawless while we were all undergoing the bad stages of acne in our teens. She said she had gotten acne when she had started working in her office and she believed it was because her colleague had acne too which is why she had gotten them as well. Know what I did? I laughed. Do you know why? It was because that wasn’t true.

Is Acne Contagious?
Acne is not at all contagious. There are several reasons for getting acne but they all have to do with your skin only. Even if you rub your face against someone who has the most terrible case of acne, you still won’t get it. This is why I was laughing at my friend. She thought that she had gotten acne as if it were some kind of infection. If it were an infection, she should have had acne in school when everybody else had it. I repeat, acne is not contagious and neither is it an infection. The causes for acne are simply your own.

Why Do People In One Household Get Acne?
More often than not it happens that the entire household has acne. The parents have it, the siblings have it and sometimes even the small children have it. There are two reasons for this. The first reason is genes. You have to understand that genetics play a huge role in acne. If your parents had it or someone else in the family, there is a high chance that you will have it as well. It could be because of the type of skin or the hormonal level, it is just plausible that you will get acne. The second reason is that the conditions of the household could be similar which is why the people in it are getting acne. Maybe the conditions are not hygienic enough and it is causing problems to the skin or maybe everyone is suffering from a mild allergic reaction to something. These are the two reasons why people in one household can get acne. It has nothing to do with acne being contagious or infectious as many people think it is.

What Are The Causes Of Acne?
There are various causes of acne. Since we now know that acne is not causes by transferring from one person to the other, we’ll find out what exactly does bring it about. Acne has several causative factors. One of them is blocked pores. Our pores get blocked if we do not keep a clean skin. The oil and the sweat that is secreted can block the pores of our skin which can lead to inflammation or pimples or any other cysts or nodules. When they begin to form, they can often accumulate which can become a case of acne. Another reason is the hormonal changes in the body whose effects are seen on the skin. We often experience acne around the stages of puberty. This is exactly why. The hormonal changes can cause acne to form. Other causes of acne can be the deficiency in our diet of certain nutrients which are required for healthy skin. There can also be an allergic reaction of the skin to something which can lead to acne.

Can Acne Be Cured?
Yes, acne can be cured. The process is long, keep that in mind. One has to be really patient while curing acne. Sometimes it takes so long that one almost starts believing that acne really has no cure. However, it is best not to think like that. Acne be cured easily if one maintains the right diet, starts on a treatment kit such as the one supplied by a good dermatologist or even one you buy yourself such as the herbal treatment kit. It is also important to take good care of the skin while you are curing acne so that acne disappears for good and does not come back again. Be gentle with the skin and wash it kindly as well. Do not be rough with it. And your acne will be cured.

The conclusion we have derived from this article is that next time you see someone with acne, do not think of sitting far away from that person. Acne is not contagious and even if you come into direct contact with his or her pimples, you still won’t get acne. I’ve outline some of the reasons of why people get acne and you’ll notice that infectious reasons are not in the list. That is because acne is not infectious!


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