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5 Anti-Aging Fruits For Skin

Introduction And Background

We all keep hearing, throughout the course of our lives, that fruits are really good for our health. Even in the younger classes, the first things we learn are the names of the fruits and the first phrase is probably ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. This is not all for fun. It is a very important concept that the elders are trying to instill in our heads. Fruits are vital. They are the source of elements of a really wonderful healthy body and the best part is that they stop you from aging. Bet I got your interest now, didn’t I?

Is Anti-Aging Possible With The Help Of Fruits?

We all ask ourselves whether anti-aging is possible. No one freezes in time. Without plastic surgery, there are very few people in the world who can look just a little younger than their actual age. They usually live a really healthy life and take very good care of their skin. Their life is also stress free, as the cherry on the top. Aging cannot be stopped but it can be stalled or the process can be slowed down considerably if one eats certain fruits. There are five fruits listed below that can really help in anti-aging. If you are at a young age, start eating them now and look younger than the rest of the people your age in another decade or so. If you are not at a young age, that is fine too. Eat these fruits so that you look younger than your age in a few more years or so!


The 5 Golden Fruits

These five fruits will help in giving you exactly what you need. This is mostly for the women out there because let’s face it, the females are more conscious about their aging looks than the men. Why is it that women say to never ask their age? These fruits will help them in owning it!

• Blueberries – This fruit not only looks good or tastes good but it has the hidden agenda of stopping the aging process! Blueberries are the fruits that act as an antioxidant on the body, and in turn the skin. It washes the body of all the harmful chemicals and this way, fewer wrinkles are produced on the skin. Antioxidants usually help in combating with the radicals that can cause wrinkles. Stock your refrigerator with blueberries as soon as you can!
• Pomegranate – Now I know what you all are thinking, that pomegranate is an expensive fruit and the juice of this fruit is drunk by people who want to achieve a brighter looking skin. Well, this brighter looking skin also keeps you looking young. It contains certain enzymes that can protect you from the rays of the sun and it also detoxifies the blood vessels underneath the skin and deep below which gives a glowing and healthy look to the skin. They also ensure that aging is difficult to come about!

• Apples – The list would be incomplete without this magician of a fruit. Everyone knows about apples and its benefits. They know that apples are good for the health, for the hair and for the skin. They vitamins which help in regulating the skin levels and help fight many skin diseases as well. Apples are also helpful in maintain the pH level of the body fluids which in turn acts positively on the skin. They also have antioxidants which are enormously active to stop the wrinkles from arising. Apples are a complete package, to say the least. Our teachers were not joking when they were teaching us that phrase!

• Pineapples – This is considered a summer fruit but with the advanced technology and everything available at any season, there are tins full of pineapples available all around the year. These are also the ultimate fruit. They are high in vitamins which make the dead cells on the skin be rid of completely on a regulatory basis and they also give a healthy glow to the skin because of their high water content and sugary sweetness. Pineapples also enable healthy digestion which relieves stress, a factor that causes aging.
• Oranges – This fruit, like the apple is quite famous. Oranges have a rich source of vitamin C which is healthy for almost everything. They make the skin younger looking and also stop the skin from wrinkling earlier than their time. They also keep the skin hydrated which is what it really needs.


Staying young isn’t that hard. Keep these five fruits as a part of the meal you eat throughout the week and pretty soon, you’ll be aging backwards! People might even confuse you with a vampire and all you were doing was eating these delicious fruits to keep your skin young and wrinkle free.

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