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Acne And Aging

Introduction And Background

My little brother just turned fourteen last month and he seems to know more about acne than anyone! Surely, acne does not need any introduction. It is a well known skin condition that can occur at possibly any age at any time! This is a terrible thing yes but I speak the truth, even if it does hurt a lot. Most people are scared of acne because of the high prevalence and since it is most common in teenagers and their age group is just so sensitive, it can also cause major problems such as depression and low self-esteem which can also reportedly lead to a case of suicide. This happens rarely but it has been known to happen. What an introduction to acne!

The Aging Factor

There is no age limit to acne. There have been babies who have been born with acne and there have been really old people who have been reported to have acne. The aging factor does not really play a role in stopping acne except for the fact that acne is not really common in old people. However, the aging factor has certain disadvantages to it;
• The healing process is really long. Since with increasing age, the skin is not as young and as fresh as it used to be. This means that its endurance level is also somewhat less than the skin of a younger person’s. The healing process of the skin is already long and with the aging factor involved, it can take even more time for things to get back to normal.
• The acne is not in its severe form. Old people usually get mild acne because their skin cannot really fathom the severe acne or the acne scarring. You’ll rarely see an old person with acne and if there are scars involved, they must have been there since childhood.
• There are wrinkles involved in aging factor and the skin becomes drier as you grow older. This can make the acne condition relatively worse but it doesn’t get too bad.


Is The Treatment Of Acne Different For Different Ages?

The basic treatment of acne remains the same. However, dermal creams have been developed for different ages. Their contents are the same but the difference is only in the age applied towards making those creams and the concentrations of certain substances in it. Nonetheless, acne is more terrible in young age but the healing process becomes more difficult in old age. Those who are young should take extra care of their diet while those who are old need to take extra care of their skin.


Why Are Young People More Prone To Getting Acne?

Acne is common in younger people because they are undergoing a lot changes in their body. For one, puberty strikes at an early age and it is the leading causes of getting acne. Period problems in girls are also a causative factor behind acne. There are so many causes and factors of getting acne in young people that it is more prevalent in them. Older people also have a better sense of hygiene which is again a reason of why acne is more common in younger people. The emotional stress and baggage that comes with such a sensitive age also instigates certain chemicals in the body and the effects of that are clearly visible as acne on the skin.


Can Acne Be Avoided?

Yes, it can be. Acne can be easily avoided if you only know how to follow the three main steps that will ensure a clean and clear skin. These three steps are so simple that you’ll wonder why you never did it in the first place.
• Drink large amounts of water. Drink water whether you are thirsty and do not turn to any cold drinks or sodas. Just water. It is really beneficial for your health and can do wonders for your skin.
• Be on the right track towards your diet. Make sure that your diet consists of a healthy amount of fruits and vegetables because there is nothing else that can benefit your skin at the level of what these foods can. They will make your skin healthier and more immune to acne.
• Do not wear cosmetics and wash your face at least twice a day. Cosmetics tend to ruin the skin and also obstruct the pores of the skin. This is not at all safe and can easily lead to acne. It is better to use cosmetics in a very limited way.



Acne is one thing you need to be extra careful with. If you are young, then you need to be even more careful and if you are old then there is just the need to be aware of your skin.


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