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Acne And Allergy – Is There A Link?

Introduction And Background

We all relatively know the causes of acne. Some of us think that it has to do with running in the family, which it does. If your parents or grandparents or even your siblings have had acne, chances are that you will too. This does not mean that acne is contagious; it just means that sometimes you inherit the same genes and the same hormonal discrepancies which can lead to acne. However, there are many more reasons as to why acne is caused. In this article, we will be discussing about allergies and acne and whether or not there is a link between the two.

Does A Link Exist Between The Two?
Let’s first answer the question that has been asked before discussing anything else. Yes, a link does exist between acne and allergy. If you look at the signs and symptoms of the two closely, you will see many similarities there that exist. There is the inflammatory matter that shouts out “we’re alike.” Inflammation occurs in both the conditions. There is also the red patches of skin that occur as well as the pimples and spots that can arise in acne and also due to an allergic reaction from something. But just having the same symptoms is not enough, is it? Then what is the link between the two? Well, there is a link. Allergies cause acne. Allergies can bring acne about. It cannot happen the other way around but a one way link definitely exists!

How Are They Linked?
How are allergies and acne linked then? Well, half of the question has already been answered for you. It tells you above that allergies can cause acne. Even though their symptoms are similar, you have to understand that acne itself is a symptom of an allergy. For instance, you graze some leaves which you’re allergic to and don’t know about. The plant has caused an allergic reaction on your skin and that leads to redness and pimples forming on your skin. Inflammation occurs and before any damage control can occur, acne can be caused. Your skin is further aggravated and that can easily lead to this skin condition. But do know this that acne does not cause allergies. Acne is just a skin condition. It has no allergies to it. It can be caused by an allergy though. At times, people even get confused between the two! There was once a friend who came over and my mother thought that she had acne but it was in fact an allergic reaction to shrimps! Her throat’s swelling had gone but red patches and a few pimples still existed on her cheeks which led to people thinking that. See how deep the link is, people can’t tell the difference between the two!

Your Diet
Your diet is pretty responsible for what shows on your skin. As the example given above, a lot of people are allergic to seafood and it can lead to some kind of reaction which shows on the skin. That can easily lead to acne too if not taken care of. The same is the case with dairy products these days. A lot of people claim to have acne due to dairy products. It might be that their body does not adjust to the products very well and it can be due to the some kind of chemicals that are used. Whatever the case may be, a lot of people have claimed that their skin became better after they laid off dairy products like cheese and eggs. This does have a connection then, doesn’t it? There are various links formed between acne and allergies. Some bacteria on the skin can also cause a minute allergic reaction on the skin which can lead to pimples and inflammation which when further aggravated can turn to acne. Thus, another connection…

The Link Seen
After seeing the strong link between the two, you will come to realize that you have to take better care of your skin. As you can see, even the smallest of reactions can flare up your skin with pimples. And that is not even half a step far away from become a severe case of acne. Even the exposure to the sun can cause some kind of allergic reaction and although people get white spots from it, they can even get freckles and pimples too. Now you can see how allergies can cause acne.

You have your answer now as you can see various examples of how allergies can cause acne. But know that it does not work the other way around. Acne is a skin condition and in no way can cause an allergy. In fact, acne is not even contagious as most people would think it is. It is just a skin condition that is all, even though a feared one.


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