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Acne And Cancer – Is There A Link?

Introduction And Background

The topic of this article will have you developing new fears about your acne problems, if you have any. This skin condition already brings you a lot of problems. Firstly, your entire skin has developed a problem and other than that it also manages to emotionally exhaust you. However, this article is not developing more fears inside you but to erase most of them. As you’ll read further, you will know more about the link between acne and cancer. It is nothing to worry about actually. The only think that they have is…Read on.

Is There A Link Between Acne And Cancer?
Yes, there is a link between acne and cancer. But it is not the bad one that you think it is.

What Is The Link Between Acne And Cancer?
In safer and clearer words, hear this out loud and clear; The only link that acne and cancer have is that acne is a side effect of cancer. Now, whenever there is the mention of a link between the two it automatically makes one wonder whether or not acne can make one develop cancer. Let’s face it, skin cancer possibilities immediately come to mind, don’t they? Well, we can rule out those possibilities because acne does in no way cause any type of cancer. Acne might look really bad but that’s all it really is, just a skin condition. The main link between these two things comes when one has cancer. Cancer is a terrible disease and it causes cells to rapidly increase which take up most of the food and energy that was meant for the normal cells. They also sometimes kill the normal cells, speaking in the simple language in case you aren’t that scientific. Now, when one has cancer, they develop certain symptoms of which acne might be one of them. It is very rare but not impossible. Now don’t be worried about your acne, I’m pretty sure you don’t have cancer. The other way that they are linked is that when one has cancer, they undergo chemotherapy and then take a lot of medications to get better. Acne also becomes a side effect of these things.

Is Cancer Acne Curable?
All kinds of acne is curable and if one has cancer and they have the energy and time to battle it, one can easily battle acne too. Don’t lose hope.

Will Acne Treatment Affect Cancer Treatment?
Acne treatment will not affect cancer treatment because most of you will use ointments that have to do with the skin. Nevertheless, it is better to be safe than sorry. Whatever you are using, whether it is even the smallest thing, best to consult the doctor first to make sure it doesn’t mess with the therapy you are undergoing for cancer because obviously that is more important.

So Basically…
You have nothing to worry about. Most of the people ultimately worry if they have something more when their acne gets worse and doesn’t heal. Acne is a tough thing to heal. People can work at it for years sometimes and it makes only a little difference. Sometimes luck also has a role to play but most of it is your effort. Acne gets alright in months too. However, for those of you who think it is something more, think again. Acne is a tough skin condition to get rid of and if it prevails that does not mean you have something as terrible and scary as cancer.

The Depression…
Sometimes the depression that comes with cancer also releases a lot of stress hormones. Hormones in a huge amount for the body are relatively bad for acne. It can cause inflammation and blocked pores and can generally cause pimples to arise. Thus, this is also a link between cancer and acne.

You do not have to worry about much. This article is just to make certain that you know where to draw the line of the link between acne and cancer. There is a link that is present but again, repeatedly emphasis is placed on the fact that it is not the one you think. This article has explained quite clearly where the problem lies and what exactly causes acne when one has cancer. There are two things to remember clearly from this article which can be summed up in two sentences. The first one is that cancer can cause acne. The second is that acne cannot cause cancer! Hopefully, you will be able to clearly differentiate between the two meanings and be able to specify the link more carefully now. As said before, do not fret about acne much. You can easily treat it, even if it takes time to heal. And also remember that having acne does not mean you have cancer!


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