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Acne And Depression

Introduction And Background

A lot of people are unaware about the complications of acne and what it can actually do to a person. Those who don’t have it treat it as a skin condition which will go away eventually and those who do have it cannot explain what they are going through. Even parents, who need to understand what the child is bearing, do not understand completely even though they have been through the age and might have also been through the acne stages. Truth is, we don’t remember it clearly and everyone treats their acne differently. But you have to read the signs and symptoms to make sure that the simple case of acne is not causing depression.

The Inner Harms Of Acne
We all think that acne just harms the skin with their spots and pimples and what not. That’s not all that acne does. The inner harms that acne causes are mostly ignored because they are so hidden at times. A teenager suffering from acne thinks it is the worst thing that has ever happened to him or her. The child treats it like a permanent mark of shame on his face, to be very honest. They lose their self confidence, they lose their self-esteem and become extremely anti-social when they see a flawless figure around, probably in the school. It harms them in ways that we can’t even begin to imagine because of the fragile age they are at which brings about a fragile state of mind. In the heightened extreme cases, depression is caused and to be depressed at such a young age is not at all healthy or beneficial for personal growth and development.

The Psychological Trauma
The experience of acne becomes even more traumatic when parents or friends tell the person with acne not to worry. It puts them in a psychological trauma and some even think that they are being made fun of! It is not easy to deal with their problems then and there but calmly, we have to get through to the person. Acne scarring can result if a person takes too much stress over their acne and aggravates it. It puts them even in more trauma when they see the condition of their skin getting worse rather than getting better like everyone is telling them. It is essentially important to be very mature during the entire time and this goes especially for the parents.

How To Deal With A Person Who Has Acne?
The best way to tell a person to deal with acne is to tell them how to get rid of it. Telling them not to think about acne will only sadden them further and will even be more harmful for the acne! They need to do something to heal their skin, not just sit around and wait. It is best to help them out and encourage them to do the right things by their skin so that they can be on their way to a flawless outlook again. Parents especially need to guide their children or to even take them to a doctor to show that they are taking the acne condition seriously which most parents don’t do. But the best way is to make them realize that acne can in fact be cured and cured well, even if it takes time and requires patience.

The Suicidal Effect
Not to scare you or anything but acne can also have a suicidal effect. Some kids who have acne are not that privileged or confident enough and can easily get bullied in school or made fun of. They can easily feel bad about it and then the depression turns into something worse; suicidal thoughts. This rarely happens and only happens if the acne condition has really worsened and the person doesn’t even feel like looking at it anymore but it has known to happen. We know that in intense depression, children and even young adults do not really think sensibly. Thus, rather than going through the pain of dealing with a ‘disfigured face’ as they liken themselves to be, they just want to end it all. In times like these, it is best for a family member or a friend to recognize the symptoms and to guide them through the healing process rather than just letting them sit and stay there.

Treatment Is Possible
Again, the best way to help them is to make them know that treatment is possible. Acne can be easily cured. There are so many treatment processes. You can get dermal creams or order online herbal supplements which really help.

Even though acne is just a simple skin condition, it can really worsen health if the person who has acne becomes very sensitive and emotional about it. Realize that and do something about it if you can!

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