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Acne And Media

Introduction And Background

With the advancement in technology, we can all agree unanimously that media has a really important role to play in our life. Most of the revolutions that are occurring in the twenty first century are also because of the media. All in all, we know what a huge role and impact it has on the adults, the children and the society in general. However, as a great superhero once said that with great power comes great responsibility. We will now see whether the media has upheld that responsibility with a thing that is besides the general news, politics, world affairs and TV shows; the thing is the skin condition known as acne.

The Media’s Role In Acne
We are all aware about acne because of how common it is. Almost everyone has seen acne while growing up or even in their adult life they must have seen it in friends or younger children. There must be only a little population out of the billions that might not have seen acne. However, the media does not have a role to play in this. The media certainly does not take interest in talking about things such as acne. Almost all TV talk shows and news channels have taken up various interesting topics that have to do with the welfare of mankind in general. They have talked about obesity, harassment and even the hair! But no one has bothered to take time to talk in detail about acne and the trouble it causes humans. We don’t see acne anywhere and I’ve never seen any show which is dedicated to this condition.

What The Media Should Do?
The media has to start being responsible for acne. All we see are advertisements of products that can help cure and heal the skin condition acne. But we never see anything that can help us be aware of acne or how to prevent it in the first place. We never hear more about acne itself or the levels of it. It was in a science book that I first read the name of Acne vulgaris and severe and mild acne, otherwise I did not even know that there are levels of acne! The media should not only bank on the products that can heal acne but do something or take some interest in the entire skin condition that what are its causes, how it can be dealt with and how the emotional trauma can be avoided.

An Alternative Portal Of Information
Since the media does not inform the society about acne and various aspects about it, almost everyone turns to the internet to fish out what they are searching for. The answers are mostly there on the internet and they are valuable and are often really helpful but that does not mean that the media should not play any role in the entire scenario. Young children do not use the internet that much and often refer to television as their only source of the outside world and different things. Even if a cartoon is made about acne, it will instill in their young and fresh minds and they can probably save themselves from getting this skin condition.

The Treatment Process In The Media
About this certain topic of acne, the media is well informed. This could be because of the product companies that pay to have their advertisements run but even goodwill information is sometimes passed on. However, the treatment methods are not a problem because they are mentioned enough.

Awareness Caused By The Media
The media is the perfect place from where awareness rises. It tells about the different things that are going on in the world and can even cause awareness about acne. As I mentioned before, the media should arrange shows or anything else which can help teenagers overcome the problem of acne or escape it as whole because of suggestions and helpful information. Research has shown that about eighty percent of the stuff shown on television is of no use. Well, it is time to make it of some use. Awareness should be caused by the media, certainly in the case of acne. It is high time that the teenagers and the children are told of the problem before it occurs in the first place. Information shown by the media will also be helpful to the parents who can teach it to their children.

We all know what acne is but how to deal with it and how to prevent and how to make sure that it does not aggravate further is not information that is common in circles. The media can change all that. Even we can change all that by making an effort but the media should also play a role in all of this.


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