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Acne And Puberty

Introduction And Background

They say hell hath no fury like a scorned woman. Actually, it should be that hell hath no fury like acne! Pimples, lesions, cysts, nodules, blackheads and whiteheads; you name it and they are there. The worst kind of skin condition is the skin condition of acne. I’m sure this name needs no introduction as everyone is aware of this disease and how terrible it is to face. Even though acne is not life threatening and poses no threat to our health, it is still one of the worst things a person can get. Everyone wants flawless skin. When that dream is shattered, so is the happy spirit along with it.


What Problems Can Arise With Acne?

There are quite a few problems that can arise with acne. People do not really take this skin condition seriously at times and they do not know what the person is going through, the one who has acne. There have been reported suicidal thoughts of people who have acne. They are generally stressed and are so sad emotionally that it affects everything that they do. It is not a good thing. The confidence is shattered and low self-esteem is what they have to deal with. These are the major problems that arise with acne. Disfiguration of skin is the major one but these other problems are often overlooked in the process. There should be proper counseling to make sure this does not happen.


Acne And Puberty

The age of puberty is the age during which acne is most common, till the years that adulthood starts. So basically, the teen years are the stages of puberty and the years during which acne is most prevalent. There are a number of reasons why acne is most common in puberty. Of course, the name itself would show that puberty is a change in life. There are physical changes happening to the body, not forgetting to mention the hundreds of chemical and hormonal changes that are taking place inside it. All this can easily lead to factors being displayed on the body which is in the form of pimples and spots on the skin. When this is not paid any special attention to, it can easily become acne. Acne does not happen overnight. It takes time for acne to happen. If you stop it in the process, it will take lesser time to heal and you won’t have to worry about severe forms of acne or any type of acne scarring which is the things most kids are afraid of during the stages of puberty. The age at puberty is also one where the hygiene level is at its lowest since teenagers are not the cleanest age group around! They should take better care of themselves and parents play an important role in this. They should inform their kids of how important it is to take care of their skin and that the hormonal changes will bring negative changes in the body as well and they should be well prepared to deal with it. One thing that parents should take great care of is that if they had acne in their lifetime, their kid will most probably as well. In this case scenario, they should take extra good care of the skin of their children during the stages of puberty.


Ignorance Of Diet In Puberty

This is also a major issue that is unaddressed in most topics and discussions. Puberty hits at an age where everyone is unaware of what is happening. The children are not learned and experienced enough and basically all they are interested in is sports and junk food. They do not care about their diet at all and this is one of the major causes of why they get acne. The parents are again responsible for educating their children about the changes that could occur in the body and to make sure that the diet of their children is good enough so they can counteract those changes.


Treatment Of Acne

If the child has gotten acne at the stages of puberty, it is best to start the treatment process as soon as possible. This not only ensures that the acne will not become worse but it also starts the healing process which is not really short. Treatment of acne can be done by various methods. It can be done by eating the right foods and can be done by the herbal treatment of acne. Visiting a dermatologist is also essential.



Everyone goes through the stages of puberty. It will come as no surprise that the stages of puberty are the critical ones in which acne can develop during the hormonal changes. It is best to take extra good care of yourself during that time so that you do not have to suffer later on.

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