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Acne And Sweating

Introduction And Background

Skin conditions often have many causative factors but what we do not realize is that most of the causative factors are our fault. For instance, there is a person who constantly uses cosmetics without taking care of her skin. She does not even clean up properly afterwards. Won’t that bring acne in her skin before she even knows it? The same is the case with sweating. One can easily blame sweat for their acne problems but what he or she won’t realize is that it was their own fault that brought them to this state.

It is a natural process which happens because our body needs to regulate our temperature. Whenever our body temperature rises from the normal, we sweat. The sweat molecules then evaporate from the skin surface of the body, taking body heat with them and decreasing the temperature, bringing it back to normal. Sweating is not at all bad. In fact, most people would have died without it! Another advantage of sweating is that the skin pores are cleared out when the sweat comes. This way, you won’t need to worry about any dirt trying to settle in the pores of your skin. Nonetheless, most people only look at the disadvantages of sweating. They think it is an unclean process. They do not like the smell that can be caused when the sweat mixes with the bacteria of the skin. They do not like the visibility of the sweat on their body, especially if shows in clothes that have wet patches due to the sweat. Some people even think that sweating is a sign of weakness, unless it is during exercise. Well, know this; one can die without it.

We all know what acne is. It is a skin condition whose usual symptoms are the accumulation of pimples, nodules, pustules and whiteheads or blackheads. Acne is a terrible nightmare for some and a hated reality for others. It is one of the worst skin conditions that is feared by most, especially in the teenage years which is the age that one is most prone to get them. Acne can be caused because of a lot of reasons. Sweating is one of them. But read further to understand how and why sweating can cause acne. And you might actually end up blaming yourself for that.

The Relation Between Acne And Sweating
Acne, unless it appears due to any hormonal changes in the body or whether it is a genetic inherent aspect that appears on the body, is caused mostly due to your own fault. Everyone sweats. But not everyone gets acne. Sweating is actually good for the body if one knows how to utilize it. It reduces body temperature and also gives us a chance to clear out the pores. However, if one tends to sweat a lot and then doesn’t clean up afterwards, the situation can become terrible. The sweat can easily mix with the sebum that is also secreted on to the skin as well as the bacteria that might be present inside the pores or on the skin surface. It can lead to the sweat smelling terrible but worse, it can lead to blocked and clogged pores. And we all know how that story ends. Clogged pores generally mean acne is onset. So yes, sweating can acne but it only happens due to your own negligence.

How To Tackle The Negligence
Sweat is not your enemy, but your friend. As mentioned before, it reduces body temperature, moisturizes the skin and cleans it. It can even reduce a fever as the temperature is reduced after we sweat! However, it can also cause acne. But as you read, that happens because of you. Sweat is good but it is not that good that you need to carry it around, or its remnants, everywhere. Try to tackle this negligence. People always shower after they leave the gym. This is because they had so much sweat on their body, they needed to clean up. It is okay if the sweat remains on the body without being cleaned up for an hour or so but do not make it a habit. It is generally good to clean up after as soon as you can get to it. Otherwise…you know what happens.

Why Does Sweat Smell?
Most people wonder about this more than sweating and acne! Well, some people’s sweat smells while others do not even carry a scent. This is because of the bacteria present on or in our skin. It can mix with the sweat and produce either a stench or a stink which is not liked by most.

Acne and sweating do not have a very deep relationship but it is there. But as the article has pointed out at every turn, it is because of you that relationship exists. Wipe it out if you can!

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