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Acne And Treatment With Probiotics

Introduction And Background

We keep hearing different things all the times, sometimes there is a cream that can work wonders for acne and sometimes it is an old wives tale that gets us out of the scrapes. But more often than not, we refuse to believe it. We stick to traditional methods of going to the doctor and requesting the best dermal cream for acne and ignoring all other options that exist or the doctor may provide. In this article, you will learn about Probiotics, how they may help us and how they can actually treat acne. Read on to find out what they are all about and how they just might be the answer that you have been searching for.

What Are Probiotics?
The simple definition that the web will give you is that Probiotics are actually a microorganism that is put inside a body so that it can benefit it somehow. The more complicated definition will tell you that Probiotics are actually bacteria or yeast (so that it doesn’t sound too odd), that can actually improve health even though it sounds a bit odd, a bacteria helping improve health! But Probiotics are actually available easily in supplements and even your own food! You might not recognize them as yet but they exist and their usage is also real and has scientific evidence behind it to prove itself.

How Is Acne Treatment Done With Probiotics?
Think about it yourself. How and why does acne occur? Sometimes it is some sort of germ or bacteria that has settled on your skin and inflammation occurs which gets worse in most cases. Other times, it could be something inside that has brought about a reaction in which acne results. Now, to protect from all of this, Probiotics spring into action!

  • Probiotics that are topically applied, meaning that they are present in creams, are often the best type used. The Probiotics in the cream settle very casually on the skin and then provide a protective barrier. The Probiotics do not let other bacteria settle on the skin or cause some sort of reaction or immunity reaction which can lead to bumps or any kind of inflammation. This is a great way of preventing acne but it is also a great way of stopping acne from spreading any further. In fact, it treats acne because it does not let it aggravate any further and often keeps the skin clean which is what everyone wants!
  • Probiotics will stop your skin from having any kind of inflammation. It will stop your skin from flaring up at the tiniest bacteria if it is that sensitive in the first place.
  • Probiotics are different from antibiotics. They not only help protect your skin but they also do not touch the good bacteria which is not an action that exists in antibiotics as antibiotics are capable of killing the good bacteria as well.

Where To Get Probiotics?
Funny thing is, they might already be in your house! There are a lot of food which have important Probiotics. All you have to do is find out which ones they are. If that option does not deem suitable to you then you can even get Probiotics orally in supplements or even in creams if you want to apply them topically.

How To Prevent Acne In The First Place!
Here is a measurement of how you can prevent acne in the first place! You don’t have to go through any treatment methods then. Here are a few measures that you can take:

  • If you are in a lot of use of cosmetics, reduce them! They contain a lot of chemicals and any one of them can actually be unsuitable for your skin and a reaction can occur. You’ll start with one or two pimples and then see them being scattered over the entire area! Start to be safe before it gets too late. And if you cannot stop using cosmetics, at least use them for the shortest while and apply them with a clean brush that is unused by any other.
  • Your diet matters a lot. As said above, you should eat fruits and vegetables as many of them naturally contain such elements and even Probiotics that are really excellent for the skin.
  • Drink a lot of water. It helps to get rid of the toxicity inside the body and it also ensures that your skin remains supple and glowing!

Acne and treatment with Probiotics are not something you should be afraid of. The word Probiotics might set off a lot of people because they would not know what it means. Now that you do know, is it anything to be afraid of? Certainly not! Hence, treat your acne with Probiotics, you will see the change yourself.

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  1. Hi,
    I always make sure that I only use natural and organic skincare products because I know that more chemicals are found in commercial products. I never thought that probiotics are important when treating acne. I have to make some research on which foods that contain probiotics. Thanks!

  2. Hi,
    I am using natural products for my beauty and skin care, Commercial products are more exposed to chemicals. I also avoid using shampoo with lots of oil content because it is the cause of my acne. Thank you for sharing this informative post.

  3. Probiotics are really good choice. I had really stubborn acne and couldn`t get rid of it for years. Eventually, I decided to do acne treatment in hospital. It is not exactly surgery, it is more like treatment. But it works! Now I am taking regularly probiotics as a preventive measure.

  4. Avoid heavy sweating and wash face after sweating
    Gently wash skin every day and avoid scrubbing too hard
    Don’t touch face frequently
    Avoid exposure to oil or harsh chemicals
    Protect skin from direct sunlight
    Avoid hair care products, which contains a lot of oil


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