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Acne And USA

Introduction And Background

Our skin remains on top of the worry list for as long as we live. And anyone who says otherwise is either generally careless about themselves or they’re lying. In this case scenario, even men are included. Believe it or not, the boys of the twenty first century are sometimes even more concerned about they’re appearance than girls are! Nonetheless, the word acne brings shivers down the spine of either gender. It is a skin condition which is feared by many and detested by those who have it. It is not good to look at and can depress the person. Now acne is common in some areas than in others and you’ll be surprised to hear that acne is most common in the United States of America.


Why Do We Get Acne?
There are countless reasons of why we can get acne. Literally, the reasons differ from one person to the other. Some get acne because it is in their genes and it was inevitable for them even though they were careful and caring towards their skin. Some get acne because they lack a sense of hygiene and then end up with blackheads and pimples on their oily and dirty skin. Some get acne because of the hormonal changes their body is facing while some can get it because of their skin type and even stress. Therefore, there is no specific cause of acne. But all lead to the same symptoms of clogged pores and inflamed spots that are accumulated in a single area of skin.


What Age Group Is Acne Most Common In?
I think we all know the answer to that because we have all been through that stage. Acne is most common in the teenage group. Since teenagers are on the verge of puberty and are facing hormonal changes, they’re most susceptible to this skin condition. Some teenagers also do not worry or care about their skin that much and that is what causes acne. Nonetheless, acne is mostly a ‘teen related’ skin condition. However, it is not always that way. Acne is also quite common in adults and even young children but the ratios are relatively less as compared to acne in teenagers.


Do People In USA Get Acne?
Of course they do. People everywhere can get acne, even in jungles of Africa.


How Common Is Acne In The USA?
Now we get to the real point. Acne is actually really common in the USA. This might sound very strange because how can it be common in an educated country where the children are counseled and counseled well about almost everything? Well, open your ears for this one. Acne is the most common in USA than all other countries of the world. It is also common in Asia and Africa but in lesser numbers and it is probably the least common in European countries. The numbers are highest in America.


Why Is It Most Common In USA?
Now that you know it is most common in USA, you’ll be wondering why it is so. Well, there are various reasons for this. USA is a big country and although it has varying temperatures and climate over varying states, most of them are sunny areas and we all know the sun plays a major part in the development and nurturing of skin. Too much sun can easily aggravate the skin and pimples can form or the heat can turn the skin oily. Other than that, fast food is extremely popular in this country and so is obesity. Both are common factors for getting acne. If one eats fast food more than necessary, it can badly affect the skin. The children in USA are not really fond of vegetables and fruits either, the majority of them and this is also a leading cause for getting acne. One has to take really good care of their diet to maintain a glowing and clear skin.


Can Acne Be Cured?
Yes, it can. It is the most common myth alive that once the skin is ridden with acne, it can never be the same again. You can make it the same again by treating it right. There are many methods and processes of treating and curing acne and you just have to make sure that you have the right one. If you’re living in the United States, it might be harder for you to select because there are various processes. You’re bound to get confused at which one to choose. Do the research and then select the one best for your skin. Also turn to vegetables and fruits and drink a lot of water. It helps heal the skin.


Acne is not really a thing to fear, like most people say so. Of course it is a terrible skin condition but rather than wallowing about it, do something quickly to heal it. It takes time to heal the skin so get on it as soon as possible and then wait patiently for the treatment to take its effect.

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  1. I have lots of acne marks and holes.i am teenager.plese give me cure.i used lots of things.but nothing works best

  2. There is no way to get rid of acne, other than going to a doctor or a detgsrolomiat and use the products they give you. I tried everything, and I mean EVERYTHING for 4 years. I finally decided to go to doctor, who prescribed me topical creams, and I have been acne free for 5 months now. This hasn’t happened in the last 4 years that I had acne. So save yourself time and effort, and go to a doctor.


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