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Acne And Water

Introduction and background

Water is regarded as the main component of life. Even our own bodies are mainly composed of water. According to an estimate, as much as 70% of our bodies consist of water potion. Water is not food and, in fact, contains zero calories and yet, it is considered vital for a variety of life functions including nutrition, digestion, metabolism, respiration, excretion and reproduction  With so  much significance and influence on every cell and tissue of our body, water also plays a vital role in the protection  growth and maintenance of the largest living tissue of our body i.e. skin. The following article is intended to discuss some of the major functions of water with respect to skin and acne.  Read on to discover more:

Major functions of water on skin

Moisturising and hydration: Water works to moisturise skin by the function of hydration. By definition, hydration is nourishment of skin cells through water. As a result, their speed of growth, both in number and quality increase. The net result is nourished skin that glows with life.  This hydration function also acts to prevent dryness of skin which is considered an important risk factor in acne and other skin disorders.

Growth and development: Water contains oxygen and hence is considered necessary for the growth and development of body tissues and cells. The same goes true for the skin and skin cells can not grow or survive without the presence of sufficient quantities of water.  If water is present in standard quantity, skin cells grow at optimal pace and dryness is prevented.

Respiration: Like every other cell of our body, the cells our our skin are also living and require oxygen to breathe. This oxygen is partially supplied by means of water. According to studies, dead skin cells contain abnormally low or reduced amounts of  both water and oxygen. It is, therefore, crucial to have sufficient quantity of water for respiration of skin cells.

Cleansing: Water is an excellent natural cleanser  A smooth and swift water flow to the skin cells ensures proper and timely cleansing of skin cells, removing and eliminating any debris, dead skin cells, or debris from the clogged pores. This cleansing function  of water has extremely helpful role in prevention and treatment of acne.

Nutrition and nourishment: Finally, in addition to oxygen, water carries variety of other minerals and vitamins to skin cells. Some of these include calcium, sodium and magnesium and are considered very important  for the nutrition and growth of the skin. The liquid and solvent nature of water leaves no pore, cell or tissue unnourished.

Prevention against acne / acne treatment

Finally, water can help prevent or treat acne in a number of ways such as:

1- By preventing the dryness of skin (a major risk factor in acne development)

2- By providing essential nutrition and nourishment to skin

3- By acting as a medium of excretion: Water acts as a major source through which germs, bacteria  fungi and viruses pass out of the skin. In addition, cellular debris and dead skin cells are also excreted by means of water.  It must be remembered that it is the clogging up or build up of these pathogens, micro-organisms and debris that eventually lead up to blocked pores of the skin, a major risk factor for the development of acne.

4- By acting as a carrier: Finally, there are a number of quality herbal acne treatment kits that comprise of multiple components for their effective action against acne.  Some of these components or steps include cleansers  masks, moisturising lotions, creams and gels. Most of these steps or components are water-based and need enough quantities of localized water to reach, penetrate and absorb deep through the skin layers of dermis  hypo dermis and epidermis.  Water, therefore, acts as a central medicine or supplement carrier or vehicle for these products and, hence, plays a pivotal role in acne treatment.


It is crystal clear from the above facts and discussion that the life and growth of skin is mainly dependent on water. Likewise, acne, the commonest and severest skin problem can not be effectively prevented or treated until and unless water is involved along with other treatments. Therefore, you should drink plenty of water, wash your face multiple times and use a quality acne treatment kit that is water-based and highly recommended.

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  1. It sucks. I don’t get them often but when I do, I break out and get like 10. Of course I pick/poke/pop and they get big and imnalfed and puss filled. Which just makes them more fun to pick, resulting in them getting even bigger. I usually end up shaving my head and they clear up fast that way, not to mention I get some sick satisfaction out of the noise and feeling of my clippers sawing them off !

  2. It’s not just about using the products as much as it is as using them 100% prorlpey ?Skin ID works wellMake sure you use an acne face washtoner (essential) witch hazeland spot treat all acne with cream. AM and PMBe sure to also do a mask once a weekand take vitamins a e and c and zincand small healthy doses of the sun help acne a lot.


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