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Acne And Winters – Effects On Acne Snares…

Introduction And Background

We all know that seasons and the weather greatly affect our skin. That is a given. If you’re standing out in the sun for too long, you’re bound to get sunburned and there is no doubt about that. Your skin will become sweaty and a little oily because of the heat the body is generating and getting and thus, acne can result from that. But his is about summers. Now what exactly happens in winters? Read on further to see how this season affects acne or the chances of getting acne and how to go about it.

Why Does Season Affect Acne?
Seasons affect acne because as mentioned before, our surroundings and the environment play a great role in skin health and appearance. Go to any part of the world, from the cold to the hot areas and you’ll see the differences in the skin of all the people. It also has a lot to do with ethnicity but that is mostly with the color. The health of the skin is all up to you. Acne can easily be caused by seasonal changes if you do not take care of the skin in that way. Acne can further be aggravated if you are not careful enough with it.

How Does Seasons Affect Acne?
Seasons affect acne mostly due to the temperature changes. Our skin responds automatically to the temperature increase or decrease and starts to function in a way to protect it from any danger or outsourcing of that season. Our acne can be aggravated further if no attention is given to it which is needed during the specific season.

How Do Winters Affect Acne?
Now we get down to the real question. What exactly happens in winters? To begin with, let me explain to you that the chances of getting acne in winters are relatively less than in summers. Nonetheless, winters does affect acne terribly if you’re neglecting your responsibilities of taking care of it. For one, your skin is extremely dry in winters. This dryness makes your glands produce more oil than usual which means that they are going into overdrive. Your pores can clog easily at that and we all know what that leads to; acne. Other than that, winters are generally harsh to your skin. Acne breakouts are not common as they are in summers but they are more severe if that does happen. There is this misconception that you can be harsh with your skin in winters. Please do not do that! You need to be very gentle with your skin and make sure that you keep it moisturized so that it gets the proper treatment and if your skin gets too oily, wash it off and then moisturize it so that dirt does not clog the pores. You also drink less water in winters and that also produces an adverse affect. Please note that you need not worry about moisturizing if you have acne. Some people are hesitant to use any creams or lotions because they think it will further ruin or aggravate their acne problem. Well, know this that dry skin is more terrible for acne and it can easily leave scarring. Hence…put on those creams without thinking that you’ll ruin your pimples.

What Should You Do In Winters?
What you will do in winters, I’m sure you already know by the above words. However, to be more precise, this is what you need to do for your acne.

  • Make sure that your skin doesn’t remain too dry for too long. This is the one major thing you have to take care of constantly. Make sure you have lotions and creams. And then, do not be reluctant into putting them on. They will not harm or make your acne worse. They will only moisturize your skin.
  • Drink a lot of water. In winters, we often do not drink that much water and even though it does not prove to be life threatening, we are still sometimes dehydrated from the inside, even if we don’t know it yet. And to treat acne, water is required in great amounts because it detoxifies the body. Hence, drink at least eight glasses of water if you cannot manage more than that.
  • Be very gentle with your skin. It gets dry, there will be dead cells and often areas of your skin might peel off. Therefore, you need to be very gentle while washing your face or even applying lotion.

We all take care of our skin but those who have acne need to be even more careful because their skin is sensitive and it is already acne ridden. They need not further aggravate their problem. Thus, be sure to moisturize your skin in winters.



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