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Acne Before Puberty


Introduction And Background

We all know what troubles come with acne, right? There are bumps on the face and it breaks all the confidence we have inside of us. Since acne is more common in young age, mostly the teenage, it makes the experience even more horrible because that is the time when we are most sensitive about our looks. And that is also the time while others are most insensitive to how other people look. Needless to say, getting acne is a complete nightmare for youngsters. But getting it even before you’re a teenager? Getting it even before puberty? Now that would be horrible right? Well, be surprised on how common it really is.


What Is Acne Before Puberty?

Acne before puberty is the same as acne after puberty. There are bumps (pimples, pustules, cysts) accumulated on the child’s face or maybe around the shoulders, depending on where the acne is. Prepubescent acne is not rare, as some people might think it is. A lot of children are afflicted with it though not on as large a scale as teenagers and young adults are afflicted with acne.


Why Prepubescent Acne Occur?

There are several causes to why this happens. It generally happens in girls because of the early onset of puberty. They get their menstruation period at an earlier age than the normal, probably around nine or ten and that also brings about acne. Most kids have it in their genetic system and thus their acne breaks out at a young age. If their parents had an early breakout of acne when they were young, it is normal for their children to experience it as well.


Should You Be Concerned If Your Child Has Prepubescent Acne?

No, there is really nothing to worry about. Prepubescent acne is common. If you can determine the cause behind the acne, then you’ll have nothing to worry about. For instance, if you had acne when you were young then it is likely that your child will have it as well, whether it is before puberty or after the onset of puberty. Children often experience it because they are at an age group where personal hygiene care is to a minimum. Here, it is your responsibility to make sure that your child is taking good care of his or her skin. It is better to teach them the importance of it. However, take good notice of the pattern of acne breakouts. If the child is suffering from chronic breakouts of acne that are unusually large, it is best to consult a doctor about it.


Can Acne That Occurs Before Puberty Be Cured?

Yes it can. The quickest curing age of acne is actually before puberty, as long as the child is being well taken care of. Acne can be cured; there is no doubt of that. Acne that occurs before puberty can also be cured. Children are not aware of the importance of skin care. They don’t really know how to take care of their skin. It is the duty of the parent or an elder to teach them. Teach them how to wash their face, when to wash it and to ensure that they begin to maintain a level of hygiene. Their acne should be under control. Their diet should also be good but do not stop the children from eating what they want to such as chocolates or burgers or pizzas. It will not help in curing the acne and will only make the child more annoyed and stubborn. It will also make him rebellious towards what you are trying to teach. Deal carefully. Remember, it is a child with acne not an adult with acne. Children do not care about their appearance.


How Common Is Acne Before Puberty?

Research has stated that about forty percent of children get acne before puberty and that number has increased fairly from the seven percent that was established not more than two decades ago. Acne is still more common in teenagers and young adults and they should be more careful about their skin but acne is not uncommon in children. Keep this in mind and try teaching your children how to take care of their skin from a very young age so that they do not suffer the consequences later on.



Acne is not a disease one should be really afraid of. One should learn more and more about acne so that they do not let it happen in the first place and if by chance it does happen, they should not lose hope and try to cure it. The same goes for acne in children. If there is a high possibility that a child will get acne, due to any reason (genetics, hygiene), turn the child towards skin care as soon as possible.

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