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Acne Cure With Raw Honey


Introduction And Background
The strangest thing is, we believe more in the medications and the dermal creams than we do in what naturally exists and what we know is good for our skin. There are numerous ways in which one can deal with acne but we don’t really try out for it because either we’re too lazy to do the proper research or the world has just made us too wary about using natural extracts or stuff ourselves. We’d rather buy a product which contains natural extracts among other chemicals present than go and get the extract ourselves. The topic of raw honey shall be discussed here and how it can cure acne.

The Goodness Of Honey
No one needs to be told how good honey is. Not now but from the beginning of time, honey is considered to be the best remedy for a number of problems. For instance, mothers still give a spoonful of honey if our throat feels dry and itchy and sometimes they also put it in milk so that we can get it in some form or the other for good health. Honey is exceptionally good for the skin. You all should know that it has specific anti-inflammatory effects and it is one of the top natural antibacterial substances present. These are the two major components that one wants to fight off acne so why shouldn’t you use honey to cure your acne? Why should you turn only towards marked and packed products? You can easily use raw honey to cure your acne.

A Difference In Time
However good it may seem, believably you will still turn towards all the chemical infested products that the media claims will cure your acne. They probably will cure acne but only of a slight margin. If they had the ability to cure acne completely and quickly, why else would there still be acne ridden kids running around crying to their parents about their skin problems? The world needs to change the way they think and turn to the better side of life. Did you ever stop to think that the people a century ago did not have problems of acne as much as they do now? What are the reasons behind this? Most of them are because of the diet we eat while others are because of the pollutants in the environment and the number of chemicals we use in lotions, moisturizers and the cosmetics! You should try using honey to cure your acne. You never know, you could end up a happier person given its amazing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory powers. Honey is also sold in pharmacies as wound healing application dresses and is considered to be a good thing for medical use, if you really want to bring science into it.

How To Use Raw Honey To Cure Acne?
Now that you’ve convinced on using raw honey to cure acne, now is the time to tell you how to actually use the honey. One should not only just eat it which is the first thing that must have come to your mind after looking at the sticky substance. However, it is used in various methods. Read all of them to acquaint yourself with the best ways to cure acne.

  • Raw honey can be taken as a spoonful daily if you want as healing acne from the inside matters as much as the outside. Honey contains amazing healing properties which will heal your acne right back to where it came from!
  • You can also apply honey on your face. It is really very easy. All you need is honey and nothing else but remember one thing; apply it with something other than your fingers. Your hands contain a lot of bacteria, probably the most on any body part. Hence, it is better to use cotton or even the back of a spoon to apply honey. Also, make sure that the skin is fairly dry and clean before applying honey. Leave it on for about fifteen minutes and then remove it by rinsing it with warm water. Dry your face afterwards. You will feel fresher and cleaner.
  • Honey can also be used to make different pastes with other natural ingredients such as lemon juice or maybe even milk. Egyptians had beautiful skin and they used to bathe in honey and milk. We can’t do that in these times but we certainly can use a little of it on our face to treat a skin problem!

The honey you will be using should not be processed or manufactured in any way. Most of the honey if dealt with any chemicals or processes at all mostly has its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial powers removed. That isn’t good.

Curing acne is important but what’s more vital is that you cure it the right way. Otherwise, you might just cure acne temporarily and it might get worse later on. Thus, use honey and get beautiful skin!


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