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Acne In Black People

Introduction And Background

The topic of this article is bound to confuse you a little because you’ll suddenly start wondering whether you have ever seen a black person with acne. You might not have seen them and now you will think that they don’t get acne at all! That isn’t true. Black people do get acne but they get it less than those who have fairer skin. Acne is not common in black people and they rarely have to worry about such sort of skin problems. Most of the people yearn to have fairer skin but this is one advantage to having darker skin; you do not have to worry about acne so much.

Do Black People Get Acne?
Although the question has already been answered, let us go through it again. Black people do get acne. You might not have seen it because a very small percentage of them get this skin condition but that does not deny the fact that they do get it. Black people are often struck with acne in their adult life. Children and even teenagers with dark skin do not get acne that much. They are relieved from worrying about such skin problems.

Why Is Acne Less Common In Black People?
Acne is less common in black people because black skin is fairly more durable than fair skin. Fair skin is a bit translucent and lighter than black skin and is way more sensitive. Black skin is somewhat thick and is stronger and this is why it has greater immunity towards acne. Very few black people get acne it is mostly hereditary in cases. The bad part of this deal is that when black people get acne, they get the worst form of it. Their acne is very severe and often leaves acne scarring. Scarring is extremely common in black people who have acne, especially in North and South America.

Can Acne Be Cured In Black People?
Acne can be cured in black people, it is not a disease that is differently set on them. The cure and treatments are the same as the ones used in white people, even if they are home remedies. It is just that black people have to be a little quicker because scarring on their skin can happen really easily. It makes things worse then and acne scarring takes ages to cure, if the age permits the scarring to go away at all. As mentioned above, black people get acne in their adult life mostly and in adult life the acne does not heal as properly like in teenagers and young adults. Therefore, they have to make certain that the moment signs and symptoms start, they should begin to take action against acne and do everything to start the curing and healing process.

How To Cure Acne In Black People?
Curing acne is not that easy. Firstly, it takes a lot of time and since acne in black people is more severe, they should be ready to be really patient with their healing process. The things they can do to cure their acne is:

  • Drink a lot of water. Black skin or white skin, water helps to cleanse the body and also the skin which can automatically lead to curing the acne.
  • Set the diet right. Eating a lot of vegetables and fruits will help in curing the acne.
  • Do not let your skin have exposure to the sunlight for a very long time. Black skin does not get tanned since it is already of that color but the marks and spots on the skin can get pretty permanent.
  • Do not let your skin get too oily. Try to keep it balanced and not let it get too dry or too oily. Clogged pores will only make things worse.
  • Do not wear make up for long. Putting on too many cosmetics will also clog the pores and cause the acne to worsen and aggravate further which can easily lead to scarring.

White Vs. Black Acne
The acne is the same. White people who get acne are more worried about it because it shows more plainly than in black people. But the black people should be more worried because in their case the acne is not common but it is severe. Otherwise, their healing process is pretty much the same.

You might not have seen acne in black people, no matter what your color. And no matter what your color, you should be aware of acne. If you are already doing the things mentioned above, you will not get acne in life unless it is because of some hereditary cause. Nonetheless, black people do get acne. Not to worry though, the healing process of both skin types are the same.


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