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Acne In Middle-Aged People

 Introduction And Background

Skin conditions are a common nuisance for teenagers. They whine and groan about their pimples and blackheads until their parents take them to a dermatologist to get rid of the naturally occurring puberty process. Times have changed. Now parents also willingly go to the dermatologists to get their skin checked because they also have acne! Acne is not uncommon in middle aged people, in recent times especially. The prevalence rate of acne in middle ages people is growing and you’ll find out why it happens, when it happens and how to cure it in this article.


Why Does It Affect Middle Aged People?

There can be several reasons why middle aged people get acne. Either they had acne as teenagers and never really got rid of it till their middle ages or they developed it during in their middle age. In the second case scenario, the various reasons why acne affects middle aged people can be:

Drastic Hormonal Changes. It happens mostly in women who are pregnant and get the acne because of the different hormonal changes their body is undergoing. It is only mild acne mostly and goes away with proper care and treatment.

Extensive Medicine Usage. As you get older, it would come as a no shocker that many face health problems such as heart disease, cholesterol or diabetes to name a few. They use medicines such as antibiotics which have acne as a side effect. This is also a common reason of why middle aged people get struck with acne.

Stress. This is also one of the major causes of acne in middle aged people. It is a fact that severe acne is very rare in men and women past the age of forty but its rarity does not mean it can’t happen. There have been known cases where the person was going through a tough time and took so much stress that it showed on her face; by acne.

Environmental Changes. At times what happens is, when a person has been living in one place for too long and suddenly shifts to a different climate, a different atmosphere, it brings about certain effects and changes to the body. Sometimes, one of them is acne. It is usually a mild form of acne though.

Too Much Cosmetic Use. This happens in women mostly. They cannot live without make up now, can they? During the Middle Ages especially, women use more and more make up to look prettier and hide their wrinkles. This can also cause acne because extensive make up use destroys skin and clogs the pores. And we all know where that leads.

Can Acne In Middle Aged People Be Cured?

Living in the twenty first century surely brings luck to people. With all the advancements and the technology that is at a fast pace, it would come as no surprise that a cure for something as simple as acne is very much there. Age does not play a huge role in the cure of acne. Middle aged people can use the same creams and the same methods that apply to teenagers. Of course, with the teeny boppers being at a young and growing age, they tend to heal more quickly than middle aged people. But acne in middle aged can be cured properly, even if it does take more time.


How To Cure Acne In Middle Aged People?

Curing acne in middle aged people is no difficult science. The simple rules apply here again. Some of them are listed below:

Take care of the diet you are having. If you cure yourself naturally through the stuff you are eating, your skin would also benefit from this.
Keep your skin devoid of any dirt or sweat because it can make things worse. Cleansing the skin is important on a daily basis because acne can become worse by clogged pores and oily skin.
Visit a good dermatologist and get recommendations of dermal creams for curing acne. Since in the Middle Ages it is stupid and senseless to experiment with skin as teenagers recklessly can, it is prudent to get a doctor’s opinion and get the best cream for curing acne.
There are natural acne kits available that contain herbs and natural ingredients. They are generally good for you because they have no side effects and also give your skin the nutrients it needs.



Do not worry if you’re a middle aged person and have been riddled with acne. It is not a bad disease that will take your life. Of course, acne is no piece of cake but at least you’ll have a peace of mind that it can be cured. All you need to do is take not stress about it and find a suitable way to start curing it.


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