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Acne In Summers – How To Manage It And Keep It Under Control In Hot Weather

Introduction And Background

Who likes acne? No one likes acne. It is probably the only factor that almost the entire world agrees upon without a doubt. Acne is a terrible skin condition where people suffer from skin, emotional and mental torture like no other. Especially in the teenage years when there is more than a fifty percent chance that you’ll get acne and when you do, it ruins your self confidence, shattering it completely. However, getting acne is not the end of the world especially if you know how to take care of it.

Does The Weather Affect Acne?

Yes, weather does affect acne. If you’re under the sun in a hot sunny day then it might aggravate your acne further and it will make the condition worse. This is why people say that summers is not a good time for acne because the weather is constantly warm and sunny and people are often dehydrated because they do not drink enough water which is again horrible for the skin, especially if it is ridden with acne. In winters, people do not have to look after acne as much as they have to in summers.


Why Is Taking Care Of Acne More Important In Summers?

The skin is a very sensitive part of the body and the only organ which has full exposure to the outside environment. It may be a strong barrier but the fact remains that it is also extremely sensitive and can easily react to any discomfort. In summers, the condition is a heated one and there is also a lot of sun exposure that can damage the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to take greater care of the acne condition so that it does not worsen. You also sweat a lot in summers and all that germs, dirt and bacteria can also aggravate the acne. It is vital to pay more attention to the skin in such heat.


How To Take Care Of Acne In Summers?

It isn’t hard. Don’t think that just because it’s summers, you should stay inside the room at all times because it will ruin your acne. This is not how to handle such a situation. It is perfectly normal to go out and do your daily activities and even have some fun but precaution should always be there. For instance, if you’re going out in the sun make sure that the exposures is minimum and carry around an umbrella with you or apply sun block. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking a lot of water and juices which are naturally good for the skin. It will help you immensely in getting your skin back to normal. The diet matters a lot. And the most important part of taking care of acne in summers; keep yourself clean. There is a lot of sweat and dirt on the body in summertime and many do not pay attention to it. Those who have acne should take particular care in making sure their skin is clean and should wash up if they think that it isn’t. The sweat should not be allowed to accumulate on the skin because it will worsen the acne condition.


Methods Of Controlling Acne In Summers

It is pretty much the same as how to take care of acne in the summers. There are slight methods and conditions that one overlooks completely and here they are:
• If you are applying some cream to make the acne better, make sure it is done on a clean and neat skin. In a hurry, people often apply it at times during the day without washing up first. This can have an adverse reaction.
• Keep a wet tissue with you to swap on the face once or twice when you feel that it is getting really dirty.
• Keep yourself clean but do not wash unnecessarily throughout the day. It could also aggravate the acne. Maintain balanced cleanliness, if you get what I mean.


Is Acne Bound To Get Worse In Summers?

Please do not think that. Acne can’t get worse in summers if you take care of it the proper way. Summertime is just a time where extra attention is required and that is it. It shouldn’t make you feel as if acne will get worse in summers. You already pay attention to your skin as it is, just a little extra is required in summer time that is all.



Acne just seems to have complications with everything and now weather is even included in that list. It is not to annoy or irritate you but just to inform you so that do not let go of paying attention to your acne because it needs care all the time, even against the weather.

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