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Acne Laser Treatment – Is It Worth It?

Introduction and background

Over the years, a variety of different techniques, medications and therapies have been used for improving or curing acne. These include topical therapies as well as medications taken by mouth. The use of lasers and laser-like devices, commonly known as “acne laser treatment” has been recently introduced as an alternate option for those who remain unsatisfied with the results of typical drug therapy.


What is acne laser treatment and how does it work?

Acne laser treatment is small-scale laser surgery that is mainly performed either to treat severe forms of acne or to remove permanent acne scars.
It focuses on two important goals:

1. To target and eliminate the bacteria that grow in acne lesions

2. To promote shrinkage of the overly enlarged sebaceous glands seen in acne


Benefits of acne laser treatment

Advance treatment: In rare cases, very resistant acne may be further treated by combining a light based device with a topical agent known as ALA. This particular treatment approach has been termed photodynamic therapy.

Speedy treatment: Laser therapy for acne is probably the fastest of its kind. Many see improvement in just four twenty-minute treatments and most people immediately return to normal activities.

Drawbacks & limitations

While laser treatment techniques for acne have become very popular as the high-tech, non-invasive approach sought by so many patients, they have their own share of weaknesses and limitations such as:

Pain & discomfort: Many patients say each laser pulse feels like the sharp needle burst against the skin, though treatments over active acne may be even more uncomfortable.

One treatment may not work: In many cases, the first treatment is not completely effective. Therefore, subsequent laser procedures are required which not only increase the patient’s discomfort but also become increasingly expensive. Clinical data suggests that most patients find their acne will improve only after the completion of about four treatments, two a week for two weeks.
Plateau phase: While many patients continue to improve in the months following treatment, quite a few good numbers of patients experience a plateau in their improvement. Repeated treatments, therefore, may be necessary to maintain results.
Expensive: Acne laser treatment is one of the most expensive treatment procedures in the cosmetic practice. While the acne laser treatment cost can vary based on the treatment needed, for minor acne scars, the procedure can range from $500 to $600 for each 20-minute session. The cost could be substantially higher for severe case. You should also remember that it may take at least 4 laser treatment to see significant impact on your skin. Also, in most cases, it is not covered by your health insurance provider.


Natural & cheaper & safer acne solutions

Considering the harmful side effects of medical (allopathic) drugs, high costs and serious risks associated with acne surgery and laser treatment, natural and holistic remedies for acne have emerged as a safer, gentler yet effective treatment option to reduce acne without the harmful effects of synthetic chemicals often found in conventional medications and surgery. Carefully selected herbs such as Melaleuca Alterniflora (Tea Tree Oil), algae extracts, allantoin, chamomile, bladderwrack extract and Tava Tea are known to exert a strong anti-inflammatory, healing, moisturizing and soothing impact on acne-affected skin. Also, certain nutrients such as Vitamin E and Vitamin B3 have been shown to be associated with strong anti-acne and skin-soothing effects. Therefore, a natural supplement composed of all these herbs and nutrients will essentially help heal and prevent acne in the most natural and safe way.

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