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Acne – Some Common Myths

Introduction And Background

Acne is a very sensitive subject. Most people don’t like to talk about it, especially if they have it. It is understandable that acne is a really bad skin condition that leaves you mentally low and depressed but not talking about it can do even more damage. If you don’t talk about it, you’ll never get the information you require and some misunderstandings might occur, like following the wrong kind of treatment for your skin type or believing in some common acne myths. When you look at all these negative points of not discussing your acne, you’ll definitely want to know more about it!


What Is Acne?
Acne is a skin condition. It is the concentration of pimples or spots on a certain area of the body and the accumulation of it is called acne. A single pimple, or a few spots far away from each other are not referred to as acne. It is one of the most feared skin conditions because of the way it messes up the skin and because of the depression and mental anxiety that comes along with it.


Acne Occurs Where?
Acne occurs on the skin of the body, mostly in the facial region or the neck and shoulder region. Acne on the arms and legs is not that common but I wouldn’t say it is impossible. However, acne is most common around cheeks and the forehead, the oily region of the body.


Common Myths Of Acne
Now we get to the part of the article which will hold the most importance for you. Acne has a lot of myths and it often confuses people. Well, read on further to set yourself straight and know the difference between the myth and the reality.


Only Teenagers Get Acne
This is one of the most common myths. Many people believe that only teenagers are subjected to this cruel skin condition. This is not true. Many adults get acne and even young children can get acne, well before the stages of puberty. The only fact is that acne is most common in teenagers but this is certainly false that only teenagers get acne. So even if you are above your teens and are young adults or even in the middle ages, you should still take good care of your skin. It’s true that the chances you’ll get acne then are less, but they are still very much present.


Acne Cannot Be Treated
This is the myth that starts all the trouble for those who have acne. It gets one depressed and gives them a low self-esteem that they do not even do anything for the acne problem! They truly believe that acne cannot be treated and all the treatment methods are false and just a way to scam off money. Hear this loud and clear: ACNE CAN BE TREATED. Your skin can return to normal. It requires time and effort on your part and you’ll have to be really patient because curing the skin is time consuming but in the end, your skin WILL return back to normal.


Acne Occurs On The Face Only
I mentioned above that acne is rarely seen on the limbs or any other part of the body other than the face. While this is the case, acne can occur on other body parts. They can even occur on the thighs! You must take care of the skin of your face more than any other area but neglecting the other areas won’t do you any good. A friend of mine had acne on her shoulders once and for the entire summer she refused to wear a swimsuit or anything other than a full sleeved shirt in the summer heat!


Acne Is Contagious
Now, every article you will ever read about acne will have all sorts of things besides this! Acne is not at all contagious! I have no idea where people get this myth but there is no way that acne is transferred from one person to another, even if their skin comes in contact a lot. Acne is common in some members of the same household because of the genetic factor. Sometimes genes also play an important role in the causative factors of acne. If the parents had it, most likely the children will have it. It has nothing to do with being around those who have acne! Next time you see someone with this skin condition, do not run away. They must already be down in the dumps about it and you will have nothing to fear by being in close vicinity.


Well, I hope I cleared out a few misunderstandings and common myths. It helps to discuss things. I repeat, if you have acne, do not be afraid to talk about. You’ll get to know various things that will help with treatment even.

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