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Acne – The Most Bothersome Symptom And How To Control It

Introduction And Background

What can one really say about acne? It needs no introduction. Its background must start since the beginning of time because let’s face it, humans always had acne and by the looks of it always will have acne. What you need to know about acne, before getting to the worst symptom that bothers us the most, is about the causes of acne. Once you know about the cause, you will know what to do in order to prevent acne from happening. And of course, to take control of the symptoms of acne once it does happen.

Causes Of Acne
Here are a few causes of acne. Some are natural and you can probably do nothing about that but some are done by you yourself and that can be rearranged if you are more careful with your skin from now. Read further to see.

  • Acne is sometimes hereditary. It can happen to you even if you have done nothing to provoke your skin to have pimples. If your family has a strong history of acne, that is if your parents had it or your siblings have it, chances are that you might have it too. It is not because acne is contagious because it isn’t, at all, but it is because acne’s occurrence is affected by genetics too.
  • The hormonal changes in your body can cause acne. This is why it is most common in teenagers. Their body faces a lot of changes during puberty, especially hormonal changes, and the affects take place on their skin. This is also the reason why pregnant women can sometimes get acne. Their body is also facing a lot of changes, hormonal ones too which show on their skin.
  • Hygiene levels are also another cause of acne. If you are not careful with your skin and keep it dirty and oily for longer periods of time, chances are that you will soon clog the pores of your skin and will get pimples. The pimples in time will eventually lead to acne if you still are not careful about hygiene.
  • Insufficient and poor diet plans can also bring acne about. If you do not have enough minerals and elements and the essential vitamins, you are doing wrong with your own self. Besides lacking the body of its crucial nutrition, you will be depriving your skin of its crucial food too. There was a girl once in my class who used to eat only proteins. Proteins are good for the health, mind that, but having only proteins is really not that good. She had acne all over her face!

What Is The Most Bothersome Symptom Of Acne?
There are a lot of symptoms of acne that can be bothersome. Some are bothered just by the mere sight of spots on their face. Some do not like the blackheads around their nose. Some are cringing at the sight of the inflamed spots on their skin. However, the most bothersome symptom for most people are whiteheads that are protruding out of the tiny bumps that are on the skin. Whiteheads are not at all good to look at and for most people they bring a disgusted feeling too. Hence, undoubtedly whiteheads are the most bothersome symptom of acne.

How To Control The Most Bothersome Symptom?
There are numerous ways in which one can control whiteheads from forming to removing them once they are formed. But keep one essential rule in mind. Squeezing out the gooey substance is not the answer. Some people do it before time and often scar themselves uselessly. And one rarely knows the perfect time to squeeze the gooey substance out. It is best to wait for it to happen. Nevertheless, here are some ways to control it.

  • You can wait for the pus of the whitehead to become more visible and then it’ll go away by itself eventually. This is the best way to do it but of course, no one is that patient and not one of you can spend one more waking moment taking that thing out in public, can you?
  • Taking herbs can help too, or rubbing them against the skin. There are some that have anti-inflammatory affects and can easily cause the whiteheads to reduce and lessen.
  • Using dermal creams always comes in handy. It will remove the whiteheads but make sure you use the one that has been recommended by a good dermatologist.
  • Herbal supplements also come in handy. They are good for getting rid of acne overall and do not even cost that much!

Acne is one tough game to play with but one must have the patience and endurance to deal with this skin condition in a positive manner.

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