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Adolescence- The Hot Period For Acne

Introduction and Background

Acne is a disease that is very common among teenagers and while it usually isn’t a big health problem, it is always recommended to treat it as soon as possible. To understand acne, we will start by giving you a basic introduction before going into details about its occurrence in teenagers.

Acne is caused when the pores in your skin get blocked due to an over production of cells by hair follicles. When that happens, the pores get blocks and bacteria starts accumulating underneath the pores. As a result, it causes the formation of spots on the skin which can be either inflammatory or non inflammatory. While the non inflammatory spots are not much of a concern and go away eventually even without treatment, the inflammatory spots can cause further problems if not treated on time or scratched on. Therefore it is highly recommended to treat acne if it is inflammatory. The common indicator for that is formation of pustules or in more severe cases, cysts.

Acne is genetic and if one of your parents had it during their teenage years, then there is a good chance that you will too. The biggest time of occurrence for acne, as mentioned above, is during teenage years and the biggest reason is the hormonal changes that are brought about when a child reaches puberty. This has been discussed in detail in the next section.

Hormones and acne

Androgens are a type of sex hormones that increase in the body at the time of puberty. When this increase occurs in the body, the result is a hyper activation of the oil glands in the body. This oil, known in medical terms as sebum, causes an overflow of skin cells in hair follicles. When this overflow of cells hits the pores on the skin from where the hair follicles protrude, the pore becomes blocked.

It must be noted however that the hormonal changes are not always internal and usage of products which cause such changes in the body like birth control pills can also cause acne. In addition to that some natural phenomena like pregnancy and menstrual periods can also be the cause for acne in some women.

Is lack of awareness a cause too?

Believe it or not, this is one of the biggest factors that play a role in the compounding of the number of teenagers that are affected by acne. The amount of awareness regarding the correct way to take care of one’s skin is close to zero in teenagers and as a result there are a lot of people who suffer from acne simply because of their own wrong habits. One of the things that causes this the most is the excessive use of skin products by teenagers. In a society where this has become a norm, using products that are not good for the skin is causing a lot of problems to people who could easily avoid it from happening altogether. Girls frequently use synthetic creams and other makeup material while boys don’t take proper care when deciding to shave their faces. If proper guidance is provided to them, the numbers could be decreased very noticeably.


There are a lot of different treatments available that can be used to combat acne. These include different kinds of products which include:

  • Over the counter creams
  • Antibiotic topical products
  • Orally administered medicine
  • Laser therapy

All these and the other methods of treatments can have side effects and it is recommended that you consult a physician before choosing any of them.


It all comes down to the simple fact that the biggest indicator of whether you will or will not have acne is if your parents have had it during their teenage years. However, it can come without that too and it is best if you pursue early treatment to avoid any complications in the future.

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