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All about skin pores Clear pores; route to radiant skin

Introduction and Background

Skin is the outermost and most noticeable tissue of the human body. It covers the body surface and is the largest organ. Being our first line of defence it is vulnerable to damage and disease. So, it is quite rationale of anyone to be sensitive to the appearance of skin. Everybody got pores on the skin. Whoever is in the quest of having a beautiful skin is well aware of their presence. These are the openings to oil glands. More clearly can be stated as routes to the hormones present in lower layers of skin. There are a large number of pores present on our skin although we can see some of them. Whether these pores are noticed or not depend upon their size. Here we come across all the tragedy as appear to people. Considering all those skin problems due to oil, one might think are these pores our friends or foe? Keeping your pores healthy and functioning properly is key to beautiful, youthful looking skin. Unfortunately, pores are constantly being bombarded with dirt, oils, chemicals and environmental pollutants that build up, clog, congest, and suffocate them. This not only causes blackheads, break out, dull lackluster skin, uneven oil production, both dry and oily skin, but it also accelerates aging. Keeping your pores clean is key to keeping your skin healthy.

Functions of skin pores

Pores are openings through which oil and sebum come up to the surface of skin. These pores allow hair to grow in them. Deep down these pores follicles are present. Follicles and pores are sometimes used interchangeably. Truth is pore is simply the opening upon the skin of the hair follicle, which extends downward through several layers of skin. These follicles are responsible for the production of sebum and other secretions through sebaceous gland.
Skin cells are constantly exposed to damage and are replaced frequently. Sebaceous glands that produce sebum allow this regeneration to be swift process. Sebum is a mixture of fats, proteins, cholesterol and inorganic salts. It travels up the follicle and exits through the pore. It also carries those dead skin cells found within the follicle up to the skin’s surface.
Sweat glands are also present deep down in the skin but do not come out of the same pores that produce sebum. Sweat heavily take up the skin and could cause clogging of pores by the salts left behind after it dries.
Another function of the skin pores is the protection against bacteria, viruses, wind and other environmental factors.

Size of Skin pores

There is no such process to get rid of pores. What can be done is to contract the size of skin pores and skin will appear smoother. People with smaller skin pores are those who have dry skin type. Larger skin pores imply more sebum production and ultimately skin will appear oily. Size of skin pores is determined genetically. As the skin around a pore loses its firmness when we age, the pore may appear larger because of the lack of support from the surrounding tissue. Also the myth about shrinking or enlarging them makes no sense. Pores can not be open up or close as they don’t have muscles. With the right skin care pores can be made less noticeable.

Clogged Pores

One common condition everyone suffers is ‘bung up’ pores. Generally pores are clogged with sebum, dirt and dead skin. Excessive clogged pores can lead to other undesirable conditions like acnes, blackheads and whiteheads. Some people think its dirt in the pores that forms blackheads. Rather blackheads on our cheeks and noses are actually the result of oxidation of sebum inside the pore. It must be noted that clogged pores is one of the main reasons that eventually give rise to acne.

Maintaining Skin Pores

No one likes to have large noticeable pores. Here are few steps you can take to minimize their appearance:
• Remove makeup with a cleanser to prevent pore blockage.
• Avoid long sun exposure. It thickens the outer layer of skin and makes a rim around pore making it appear bigger.
• Oily skin tends to make pores look larger. Use toner after cleansing your face. And cold spray will help to minimize the appearance.
• Debris, such as dead skin cells, collects around the edges of pores, making them look bigger. Exfoliating processes remove dead skin layers with the goal of making your skin look more attractive.
• Rub a block of ice on the affected area as it helps in decreasing the pore size.



Pores can’t be banished completely, but with the right skin care, we can make pores look smaller by removing excess sebum, debris and makeup from the pore. Be sure to cleanse twice daily and after an intense workout or whenever you get sweaty or dirty. Clear pores are a guarantee to acne free smooth skin.

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