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Are Cosmetics Dangerous?

Introduction And Background

It might sound ridiculous to some people to hear that cosmetics are dangerous. Some people use them daily for most of their life and they don’t get any disease nor does it put their life at risk. However, this is not the danger meant here. The danger that cosmetics can cause is basically to the skin. It can ruin the skin in ways you will now read about.

How Can They Be Dangerous?

Hearing that cosmetics are dangerous brings up the first question; how can they be dangerous? Every human being in the world uses them. It isn’t the era any more where only women use them to look more beautiful. The men have also turned to cosmetics to become more handsome, and some are in the business of wearing it for their professions. However, cosmetics can be dangerous:
• They are made up of numerous chemicals that are not really beneficial for the skin. They can cause the skin to age more quickly and become all wrinkly.
• They dehydrate the skin. At times when you wear make-up for longer periods of time, your skin becomes dry and it feels all itchy. This is because of the dehydration effect.
• Extensive cosmetic use can clog the pores of the skin and bring about blackheads and pimples.
• Some cosmetics might have a light reaction with your skin which is barely noticeable. The only noticeable thing would be the pimples that arise but it is difficult to tell whether it is because of cosmetics or just for another reason.
• Cosmetics can make acne conditions worse than they already are.
• Cosmetics also make the chances higher for bacteria to settle on to the face.

What To Do?

In such a fast paced world that revolves around beauty, asking people to give up on cosmetics is impossible. It will not only make women faint, it will also affect the industry of such products that are sold in billions worldwide on a daily scale. In other words, the economy will suffer greatly. No one is saying that using cosmetics is really harmful and they will ruin you forever. This article just outlines that using too much make-up is not really good for the skin and putting it on a daily basis is unhealthy for the future life. So in circumstances like these, one must try to:
• Avoid putting on too much make-up.
• Wash it off with a cleanser as soon as you get the chance to do so.
• Do not sleep with cosmetics on the face.
• Put a layer of lotion on the face before applying make-up so a protective covering is given to the skin.
• Do not keep make-up on for longer periods of time.

Can Skin Conditions Arise?

In the worst circumstances, some skin conditions also develop because too much cosmetics use has made the skin sallow and oily. The worst of skin conditions, acne, can be caused. The outbreak of acne is really bad for self esteem and confidence and then people use more make-up to cover up the scattered pimples and spots on the face. However, instead of doing that, they should follow up a treatment plan that is quite successful; The herbal acne treatment kit. This treatment process is a natural process and recommended by most users. Made from natural ingredients, it has multi components that can deal with any form of acne. It is also inexpensive and many users have claimed that it is quite effective. Using the herbal acne treatment kit is safe too because it has no side effects that are usually found in other dermal creams or tubes.


Cosmetics cannot be completely avoided, that is a fact. However, steps can be taken to make sure they do not ruin your skin forever. It is better to be cautious before the skin seems to be not what it was before and conditions like acne have to be endured. These conditions can be cured successfully by a good treatment process like the herbal acne treatment kit, but it is better to take care of the situation and not let it come to any treatment. Take care of the skin and nourish it not by putting on masks of items on it.


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