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Body Acne And Hygiene

Introduction And Background

Sometimes when people get acne, it is mostly their own fault. They never want to admit it but deep down inside they are aware that it is because of their habits and hygiene that this skin condition occurred. Most of you know what acne is but rarely does anybody try to find out what exactly triggers the onset of acne or if there is anything they can do to stop it. No. Almost everyone is just concerned with getting creams and pills which can make their skin alright. If they had paid attention to little details in the first place, it would never have come to acne. Thus, if you don’t have acne already, pay attention to these details now and you will never have to tolerate this skin condition.

The Importance Of Hygiene
It is a general misconception that acne occurs only due to hormonal imbalances. While it may be one of the top most reasons of why we get acne, it is not the only reason! Hygiene is extremely important if you want to prevent having acne in your lifetime or to make sure that if you already have it you do not aggravate it further. Cleanliness stops a lot of diseases from occurring and if you are extremely conscious of your body, you have a very good health status. Acne is also prevented if you maintain a good sense of hygiene. Why is that so? Well, bad hygiene can easily cause acne. For instance, if you do not wash your face your skin gets pretty oily. Oily skin leads to clogged pores which leads to inflammation and pimples which leads to a bad case of body acne. Another example is one of smoke and bacteria. This again has to do with a clean environment. If your environment is one filled with pollution and you are getting a lot of exposure to the sun and on top of that you do not try to remain clean, then what else can you expect besides spots and pimples on your body?
It is also very necessary to take care of the area you sleep in. At times people do not realize that they haven’t changed their bed sheets for quite some time. Sheets need to be changed at least once a week. It’s a known fact that many cases of acne occur because of unclean sheets. Thus, hygiene is extremely important. It is as important as what you eat.

Hygiene Vs. Diet
Some would say that keeping a proper diet is way more important than hygiene, that if one eats everything that is good for the body then they’ll never get acne. That doesn’t make any sense, does it? Imagine if all you eat are fruits are vegetables and your body’s immune system is working fine. That will only mean that if you do get acne, your diet isn’t to blame for it. There is some other factor which has caused it. Your apples and oranges will not stop your pores from getting clogged, will they? Nor will they stop the sun from sending its ultraviolet radiations on the skin. No one is saying that diet isn’t important. It is extremely vital to good skin health and to stay away from acne but it is not the only factor. Hygiene has an important role to play too. And one cannot really decide which factor is most important to keep body acne away. Your diet protects you from the inside while hygiene plays its magic from the outside. They both complement each other in a manner. You cannot only concentrate on one and expect to be fine with it.

How To Maintain Hygiene?
This question even a kindergartener could answer! But anyway, here are a few tips which could help you to keep good skin health.

  • It is very important to shower every single day. You do not have to wash your hair every day but make sure that you do shower. Your body is refreshed and washed cleaned this way.
  • Ensure that you wash off your cosmetics and make-up as soon as you are done with any social obligation. Do not sleep or rest with it on. You will surely wake up with a pimple in the morning and more to follow if you keep up the habit.
  • Make sure that your skin does not remain too oily for long. Dry skin irritates but it rarely gets dirty. Bacteria settle easily on oily skin.

Body acne and hygiene have a deep relationship, as you can see. Only eating the right foods is not the solution. You will have to take care of your outer self so that you can be at peace and have good skin. Otherwise…you know how acne is.

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