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Can Acne Be Completely Cured At Home?

 Introduction And Background

When skin conditions are just around the corner or have happened already, every single one of us freaks out. We either run to our parents or expect them to simply produce some sort of miracle cure or we run to our friends and complain and whine until they tell us a solution to the problem. Some of us also quietly deal with the situation in hand but the number behind that is less. The skin condition which of course scares us to our roots is acne, the one which we all dread because it is so common and because the probability that we might get it once in a lifetime is more than eighty percent! However, do not fear, acne can be cured.

Yes, There Is A Cure
A lot of people have been told wrongly that acne cannot be cured and the skin can never become the same again. Your skin can be cured but about being the same again, that would honestly depend on how old you are. If you are in our middle ages, you can cure acne and it can disappear completely but if there is any acne scarring then it would probably show. Some are luckier to not have acne scarring and their skin becomes flawless again but then again, teenagers recover completely while older people take time adjusting. The healing powers of the young are quicker and more effective now, aren’t they?

Cures At Home
Rather than rushing off to a doctor who will probably recommend the dermal cream that you were going to buy anyway, why not do a little research and be smart yourself and that too right at home? Cures at home are more effective because there is nothing better than treating oneself naturally if the natural treatment is working. And treatment against acne has known to work almost all the time. There are several methods you can use right at home to cure your acne:

  • Find Out About Foods
    The first thing you should be if you have to cure yourself at home is to figure out a diet plan in which there should be all the healthy fruits and vegetables that will help fight your acne. Internet is available in every household and there are a lot of articles on different kinds of foods for skin and about what they contain and how they help. According to what it says, stock your fridge and then eat healthy. It will do wonders for your skin. The antioxidants in some fruits and the vitamins in some vegetables will start up the healing process right away. You need everything you can get.
  • Do Your Research And Get A Cream Accordingly.
    Rather than going to the doctor and eating his head and paying him to tell you about a cream you must already know about, do your own research. Ask others what they used for their acne because there are bound to be loads of people around you who have suffered from acne themselves. Get a good dermal cream and use it according to the instructions written on them. Of course if your acne is pretty severe, you should always consult a doctor. But mild to normal acne can be completely cured at home as well. Most people cannot afford to go to a skin specialist or a dermatologist on every whim. They cure their acne just fine right at home.
  • Make Natural Pastes And Apply Them.
    There are various recipes available on websites which give you quantities of certain foods such as honey and oatmeal etc. You mix the ingredients they outline to form a thick paste. This paste is excellent for skin. Instead of using masks and creams of companies, make your natural pastes right at home. They work even better! It’s just the people do not want to indulge in anything that like that and they often become lazy. But using honey in pastes for skin is just an excellent way to recover from acne.

Bear In Mind…
Acne can be completely cured at home. Rarely does the condition get so out of hand that one needs extensive medical treatment or laser treatment for it. But other than that, mild to slightly severe acne can easily be dealt with at home. One need not worry themselves over the trips to pharmacies and doctors.

At home remedies have for the longest time been avoided generally. But since the past few years they have risen again when they have proved to be effective and have thoroughly dealt with the problems they were the solutions for. Thus, do not hesitate to cure your acne at home. Just make sure that you are doing it the right way, that is all.



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  1. Hi,
    Been doing the same thing. Washing my face with warm water to open up the pores and use cool water right after to tighten the pores. I’m glad, I only have few occasional acne and I can cure them at home.

  2. How do I use the vegetables

  3. Must I eat the vegetables as they are separately and uncooked,cook them,add them together,or what?

  4. i have very oily skin and i try not to wash my face daily because you take out all the good tginhs that you face need to fight off the bacteria. i say try st. Ives clear pore treatment it is a green solution, along with oxy pads no more than twice a day. try doing this every other day , and on the days you don’t try using hot water alone on a clean rag to wipe your face down. this will help open your pores to let some oil out and right after try using cool water to help tightly close them back. this should help. if not write me back and I’ll let you in on another secret.

    1. Jennifer, I tried many many things I don’t know what else to do pls help me.maybe you are my last hope. I bought expensive products but no luck..


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