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Clear Skin – Beauty in the flesh will continue to rule the world (-Ziegfeld)

Introduction and background

In the words of Michael Dolan, an American director, educator, “Glamour is a shooting star, it catches your eye, but fades away, beauty is the sun always brilliant day after day.” Definition of beauty is clear in the reflection of these words. Using all the make up on your skin may give you a momentary glamorous look, but if you wish to look beautiful, work on your skin. A clear radiant skin is the best feature one can possess. Fortunately, getting a hold on to a clear beautiful skin is not such an intricate process. One has to keep following a good skin care routine and can attain dream skin. It is observed that mostly the problems associated with this largest integumentary organ is that of excess oil produced from oil glands. This ought to be taken seriously but there is absolutely no need to try every oil control product available at the market. Then you must be thinking what’s the point in not using the prducts to control skin problem that are so easily available. Here, accept the fact that clear skin is a life style not a mere miracle that happens over night. Nutrition and diet can not be ignored on the road to a healthier skin. Exercise and work outs that help you to sweat are also plays a key role in maintaining youthful skin. Also no quick fixes to skin problems are there and those products which advertise such claims should be avoided. Understanding your skin type and choosing skin products accordingly is a prime rung of the ladder to smooth clear skin. For improvement to be visible you need to follow a regimen with regularity.

Everyday Care for skin

There is a constant need of daily skin care as our skin is exposed to pollution, free radicals and other environmental effects. Mild cleanser, moisturizer, toner and sun block makes a good lineup for regular skin handling. Some of the daily activities that can bring you healthy, glowing and clear skin are discussed below.

Protect it from sun

Protection from the sun and environmental pollution is the first step of skin care. Use of sun block is not only recommended outdoors but even if sun exposure is minimal. This keeps skin tone even and the tan at bay. Apply sun block to all the areas of skin which get sun’s exposure not just face. Regular sun block usage also slows down the skin’s aging process, keeping it youthful and smooth.

Cleansing twice a day

A good cleaning twice a day should be done to remove all the dirt and make up. In order to avoid unforeseen skin problems, cleansing with a good cleanser according to skin type is an important step. Make a habit of cleansing deeply every night using a mild cleanser. This will take away every speck of dirt even from the deepest pores.


Cells at the surface of skin may die due to environmental exposure. Removal of these cells must be done to get away with the dull look. Exfoliation or scrubbing will keep these dead cells to a minimum. It’s best to exfoliate using a scrub 2 to 3 times a week. It is as an easier way to undo dead cells and helps revealing healthier skin just below. Larger grains may harm your skin so, use a gentle scrub with tiny grains.


Moisturize daily

For a smoother and youthful skin don’t forget to moisturize daily. Hydrate your skin cells with a moisturizer every time after cleansing. People with oily skin might think they don’t need a moisturizer. But they are wrong thinking so, as everyone’s skin needs moisturizing. There are mild to deep moisturizers are available in the market to choose from. Knowing your skin type will definitely helps you decide.

Limit make up usage

Greater the cosmetic usage greater will be the likelihood of skin problems. All commercial make-up is stuffed with synthetic chemicals. The fact with make up products is that more money goes into marketing than actually creating a good quality product. For that reason, keep a distance from over-use of make up and try to apply as smallest amount as possible.

Drink Plenty of water

For a healthy skin nothing can do as much good as drinking plenty of water. The more you work on improving your skin from the inside out, the less make-up and products you’ll need. Getting a clear smoother skin just by drinking of water seems a perfect easy natural step.


Following daily skin care helps you get youthful, clear skin. Along with all the simple steps discussed above it is recommended to drink lot of water to hydrate. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, do exercise and break a sweat, and importantly, gets lost of rest to keep your skin naturally beautiful.

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