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Clear Skin – Good skin is a lifestyle!

Introduction and background

A clear radiant skin is the best feature one can possess. Unfortunately, this feature is exposed to many problems and people keep seeking dermatologists’ help. It’s also bewildering when people expect their troubled skin to be transformed into a glowing one over night. One thing is certain that even most recent of technologies would not help to get it done overnight. Some people get so obsessed with their skin texture that they experiment with all kinds of skin treatments like creams, gels, masks, peels and whatnots. Here comes the point; how to get it then. Plainly accept that good skin is a lifestyle; it’s a combination of healthy eating habits and persistent use of appropriate treatments and products. Making skin care a part of lifestyle would give you a healthy skin, an even tone, clean pores and a youthful glow. This should be kept in mind that there no quick fixes you have to develop good skin care habits. Understanding your skin type and choosing skin products accordingly is a prime rung of the ladder to smooth clear skin. For improvement to be visible you need to follow a regimen with regularity. If your skin is sensitive it is advisable to seek help from professionals to avoid exacerbating the problem.

Everyday Care for skin

A daily skin care regimen is essential because of our skin being constantly exposed to free radicals and pollutants like smoke and dust. Additionally, the pores of our skin become clogged by make-up and dirt. A daily skin care should always include a mild cleanser, moisturizer, toner and sun block. Some of the daily activities that can bring you healthy, glowing and clear skin are discussed below

Your skin needs daily protection from the sun and environmental pollution. I can not stress enough the importance of sun block even if sun exposure is minimal. This keeps skin tone even and the tan at bay. A good foundation with an SPF (Sun Protecting Factor) factor of at least 15 will help provide a barrier between your face and the world and help protect it from damage. Apply sun block to all the areas of skin which get sun’s exposure not just face. Regular sun block usage also slows down the skin’s aging process, keeping it youthful and smooth. Sun block is advised even when indoors.


A good cleaning twice a day is must to remove all the dirt and make up. In order to avoid unforeseen skin problems, cleansing with a good cleanser according to skin type is an important step. Deep cleansing every night is highly recommended to make sure that every speck of dirt will be removed, even from the deepest pores.


Environmental exposure causes cells at the skin’s surface to die. Removal of these cells should be done to get away with the dull look. Exfoliation will keep these dead cells to a minimum. It’s best to exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week. Using a scrub to exfoliate is an easier way to undo dead cells and helps revealing the beautiful and healthier skin just below. Make sure you use a gentle scrub with tiny grains. Larger grains may harm your skin and cause rashes.


Don’t forget to moisturize daily. For a smoother and youthful skin hydrate your skin cells with a moisturizer after every cleansing, both in the morning and before bed at night. People with oily skin might think they don’t need a moisturizer. But they are wrong thinking so, as everyone’s skin needs moisturizing. A variety of moisturizers are available in the market to choose from. Knowing your skin type will definitely helps you decide. There are mild to deep moisturizers are available.


Limit make up usage
Make-up and other cosmetics are bad for your skin in two ways. One, they clog your pores. Two, all commercial make-up is stuffed with synthetic chemicals. These will seep into your skin. Now, does this sound like it will improve your skin in any way? I would say not at all. More money goes into marketing than actually creating a good quality product. For that reason, keep a distance from over-use of make up and try to apply as smallest amount as possible.


Plenty of water
For a healthy skin nothing can do as much good as drinking plenty of water. The more you work on improving your skin from the inside out, the less make-up and products you’ll need. Getting a clear smoother skin just by drinking of water seems a perfect easy natural step.


Following daily skin care helps you get youthful, clear skin. Along with all the simple steps discussed above it is recommended to drink lot of water to hydrate. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, do exercise and break a sweat, and importantly, gets lost of rest to keep your skin naturally beautiful.

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