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Cucumber and Skin – Natural Skin Nourishment


Taking care of the skin is something whose importance cannot be stressed upon enough and that importance has surely become more commonly recognized as people invent new methods to protect the skin every passing day. The field of medicine is hard at work, creating new products every single day as the researchers experiment with element both natural and synthetic. It is no secret that the use of natural ingredients in the treatment of skin is something that no synthetic material can challenge. Therefore we see new products utilizing these natural ingredients more and more, creating products that may look synthetic but are actually formulae being created using those very natural ingredients. While we are discussing about naturally grown products and their importance in skin care, there is one particular element, a very famous vegetable that goes by the name of cucumber that is the oldest and most commonly known in this field. With countless applications of cucumber as a beauty enhancer, it has been thoroughly researched for its potential benefits to the skin. The undeniable truth that has been derived from this research is that not only is cucumber one of the most beneficial vegetables for the body overall, it has a lot of unique properties that make it a very effective source for skin treatment. Read on to find out more about the role that cucumber plays in the healthy growth and protection of skin.

Properties of cucumber

Cucumber is a great vegetable that contains a lot of minerals, vitamins and most importantly, water. The unique combination of elements that the cucumber has in its has been studied closely by man for hundreds of years now and its frequent use as a beauty product in spas proves that the vitamins and minerals that are found inside this humble vegetable make for the perfect concoction for skin care.

Benefits to the skin

The benefits that the use of cucumber provides to the skin are numerous and some of these benefits have been discussed here to gain a better perspective about how cucumber helps in skin care. These benefits include:

  • Skin revitalization:This is a very basic and important function that the cucumber plays in skin care. The fluids found inside the cucumber are a combination of water and minerals that when combined and applied onto the skin in raw form can help in the tightening of the skin. Facial masks that are applied in spas mostly contain cucumber juice.
  • Sunburn treatment:Due to the high liquid concentration inside the cucumber, applying it on sun burnt skin can actually cause it to reverse the effect of the burn and bring back natural look to the skin. The burn marks can be completely removed by applying slices of cucumber.
  • Hydration of skin:One of the most important things for the skin to look young is for it to stay hydrated at all times. Cucumbers have a high water concentration in them which when absorbed by the skin can remove the dryness. Also the potassium and Vitamin E found in it can remove blemishes and wrinkles.
  • Treating puffy eyes:Cucumbers can instantly provide relief from puffiness of eyes if your feel that your eyes are getting puffy. The cucumber has caffeic acid and ascorbic acid in it which brings down the amount of water retained by the skin around the eyes, thus reducing the swelling and puffiness.


The list of benefits that cucumber has for the skin can go on and on and not end for a long time. However, having read the information provided above and having seen the use of cucumber in skin treatment for such a long time, we can easily say that there is no better ingredient than cucumber when it comes to skin care.




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