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Different Skin Types And The Different Dangers

Introduction And Background

We confirm and acknowledge that no two humans are the same. So then why should we think that their skin would be the same? Obviously, there are not as many different skin types as there are humans in the world but there are different types. And they all should be treated differently. To know your skin type is a very important factor. It changes and defines everything, down to the face wash you use every single day when you wake up. Hence, read about the different skin types and the different dangers they provide.

The Oily Skin
The first type of skin we will be discuss is the oily skin type. Now, this skin type means that your skin generally gets oily quickly and is prone to being that way. Oily skin is sometimes hard to deal with. And it is the skin type that is quickest and most susceptible to getting acne. If you do not clean your face in good time, the oil and the dirt, along with the bacteria can easily clog the pores and cause inflammation. This, as we all so clearly know, can easily lead to acne. With oily skin, you have to be extra careful to not stay out in the sun for too long or expose yourself to smoke or a dirty atmosphere since the combination is really bad for your skin. Oily skin is not all bad though. Since your skin is moisturized with your natural oils most of the time, that means that you will not get wrinkles quickly.

The Dry Skin
The second type we will be discussing is dry skin. Now, dry skin always seems relatively better than having oily skin because looking at the facts, you can easily moisturize your skin at appropriate times rather than have it dripping oil most of the time. Nonetheless, dry skin has its dangers too. With dry skin, you are definitely at a risk for getting red patches on and off because it is a sensitive type of skin and can get irritated very easily. Dry skin also feels really rough and often becomes scaly too. It is true that perhaps acne is not that common in dry skin but acne is not all there is. Wrinkles come quickly in age in those people who have dry skin. Always help to keep your skin moisturized if you have this skin type. It will make life a lot easier and give a healthy glow to your skin rather than having it look dry and itchy.

The Combination Skin
This is perhaps the best skin type there. As it is called the combination skin type, you can easily figure out that it means having skin not too oily and neither too dry. It is just the perfect combination of both, somewhere in the middle. With combination skin you also have to be careful but at a relatively less level. Your skin does not look too oily to people so you don’t have to wash it after feeling this heaviness and greasiness on your face. It does not look too dry either that you feel like itching it all the time. Basically, the combination skin is the safe skin.

The Acne Skin
This is another skin type to be discussed. The acne skin type can be any type of skin but it has to be dealt with differently. With acne skin, you have to be careful about not aggravating it any further. You not only have to take care of your skin but you also have to take care of your diet. Most of all, you have to be aware of acne scarring and have to do everything to make sure that nothing brings it on. Acne can come on dry skin, oily skin and combination skin. After that, it becomes the acne skin and you have to start the treatment process to make it better. Of course, the treatment processes can vary according to the original skin type that you have. Nonetheless, it is of utmost importance that you have to take care of this type of skin the most. Know this fact.

Skin types matter a lot. You can actually save yourself from a lot of trouble if you find out what type of skin you have. You can buy the right products, the right lotions, the right face washes. If you buy all the right things, that means your skin is getting the proper kind of care that it deserves. Hence, never underestimate the knowledge of knowing your skin! A friend of mine once found out that she was using an overly moisturizing face wash on her already oily skin. It made all the difference when she finally switched to the right kind for her skin.


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