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Does acne make you look older?

Introduction and Background

I think I should go for a straight answer and that should be “Yes” to them who say that their acne on faces made them look older. Yes, it is true and reasonable. Though some people are unable to judge or are poorly researching on what can happen to their faces because of having acne, it is conclusively true that acne makes someone look older.

Before saying the truth we should take a look to what really acne is. Acne is simply a bacterial attack to the epidermal area which can appear on an individual’s face. There could be some genetic reason for the growth and the persistency of this disease. Because of containing sebaceous glands which reproduce sebum, a kind of oil the hair follicles becomes able to summon bacterial to come and consequently acne appears on the skin. Since the maximum cleanliness sometimes fails to resist this sickness, it is ideal to observe the family history whether the availability of acne has been detected to be there or not. As long as the treatment is effective to control acne, it is good news to all to go for healing this disease and avail the best possible result.


In most cases, acne appears on faces of them who are teenagers. This kind of indisposition takes place quite inherently on people whose parents had acne at the teenage. Though it is not the case that every time people catch acne during their young ages it is quite common to be the fact that younger people have acne on their faces. So, the confusion may develop seeing the older one who has acne on the face to be a young one. Furthermore, the physical condition and symptoms which belong to this disease may organically create some youthful tendencies. However, those are not enough to help anybody look really young at all.

If you consider saying that you are looking 1 or 2 years younger because of having acne, probably you are blessing it because acne helps you hide other spots of your face or overlook the spot you developed because of your growing older. If you are saying that you are looking younger than that mentioned because of having acne probably it is your apparent illusion and you would come on over of this for sure after the acne disappears. However, horribly there are reasons for saying something like this, why some people think so, is that acne makes their dead skin look pretty alive. But, they are to consider the fact that the consequence of this is even the worst if they do not go for immediate treatments. If they treat acne they might have looked better.

The main reason for considering some skin diseases to be responsible for making the victim look older is that those appear on the face while the face is mostly indicating someone’s age. There are some other skin diseases that do not matter helping anybody look older or younger as they can appear anywhere of the body on epidermal areas. They might have taken place on the face but not every time they do. Unlike acne they appear on the tract of the body where the skin is unhealthy and associated with germs like bacteria, fungus, etc because of being mingled with the dust and dirt. Acne usually can be appeared anywhere of the skin, but most likely they are shown on the face of individuals. Though acne can be hardly removed or disappeared unless they are well controlled, when somebody gets rid of this the history of the disease can be shown on the face making someone look older.

Now it’s the time to debate why someone may think otherwise. Since it is a teenager who usually becomes a victim of acne; and comparatively persons get acne on their faces mostly when they are young, some older people may have convictions that they possibly look young with the blessing of acne. It’s a benefit of doubt which does not always go to the victim. This cannot happen when the damage by acne becomes severe on the face. It should look rude and unhealthy and every sympathetic viewer will be fond of advising the victim to take care of the skin for sure.


Since the sebum can overact at anytime because of its release from sebaceous glands people becoming older can also have acne on their skins. Because of having the familiar idea that acne can grow on the skin of teenagers some older people becomes interested in believing that they look younger. But it is not true at all that symptoms of acne provide the tenderness on faces of people who are older. In any case with having acne on skins one should immediately take help from the physicians and take care of skin by means of maintaining the cleanliness. If the treatment goes properly the remedy is very achievable indeed.



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