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Does Eating Sweets Aggravate Pimples?


Introduction And Background
We never know what to eat and what not to eat when we have pimples. We keep on believing what we hear without thinking of any facts in the first place. We don’t think of researching or enhancing our knowledge about our skin. Rather, we just go on what people say and then follow the rules they put up. Well, here is the place to clear your mind about one concept at least. Do sweet really affect pimples? Do they make them worse and bring on a case of severe acne? Is it true that chocolates should be a big NO if you have pimples? Read on further to know the answers to all your questions which have been left unanswered for the longest time.

Does Eating Sweet Aggravate Pimples?
Let’s get to the main question first of all and this answer will of course answer all your other questions too. Eating sweets does aggravate pimples. We all know that pimples occur because of some bacteria or because of clogged or blocked pores. This happens when the glands in the skin, the sebaceous glands which are responsible for secreting the sebum (oily substance) onto the skin, go into overdrive and secrete more. This can easily lead to blocked pores, especially if there is some kind of hormonal imbalance going on which leads to this in the first place. Insulin is a hormone which has a strong link to acne, research has shown. And insulin is the hormone which is responsible for regulating our blood sugar level. Hence, the more sweets you eat, the more insulin will be secreted. This is not really good for the skin and eating too much sugar is not too good for the body in the first place.

But The Thing Is…
Eating sweets is not the thing that aggravates pimples. Eating too many of them is the real problem. People often say that they ate chocolates and now they are growing pimples on their face. They do not stop to think that it wasn’t the chocolate eating; it was perhaps having too many chocolates in the first place that they got this problem. So the thing to see here is that you do not need to completely remove sweets from your life because then that would be like dieting. All you need to do is keep a check on the sweet content you are eating. Try not to eat too much of it, especially in short intervals of time.

Inflammation And The Connection With Sugar
We established that eating sugar is fine but one should not have too much of it. Here is another thing that might motivate you to stop eating the many sweets that you are, to save yourself from a case of acne. Inflammation is one of the major symptoms of a pimple, as one can clearly see. Sugar also has a direct connection with inflammation. It is quite bad for the skin. A study has shown that people who drank a lot sodas which are high in sugar content had more inflammation and pimples than those who drank comparatively less. The inflammatory levels are checked by a body’s CRP. You don’t need to know what that means but just know that if you eat more sweets, your CRP levels will rise which means that inflammation occurring is there.

What To Do?
The smartest thing to do here would be to try and keep a leveled check on what you eat and how much sugar is in that thing. Monitoring your blood sugar levels are really not necessary. Some people who were worried about their acne started doing that! They shouldn’t. If they are so dedicated to getting rid of their acne, there are a million other things they can do to heal their acne. Try to stay away from unnatural sweet items such as chocolates, sodas and sweets. They are the actual cause of harm. The natural sugars that are present in fruits and even vegetables are of no harm and are in a healthy quantity, one that is required and acceptable to the body. Thus, you only need to stay away from anything that is sold in the markets wrapped in shiny wrappers!

Going back to the original story, everything you probably hear about chocolates aggravating acne is true. Sweets do indeed harm your acne to the worst and that is not really good if you are planning to heal it. Try and search for a good treatment process and then start on it. And try to remove anything that can harm your acne in the slightest. As you know now, sweets can aggravate your pimples so try and stay away from them, amongst other things on the list you must be aware of.

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