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Does Junk Food Aggravate Acne?

 Introduction And Background

The question that you all might love to ask is whether or not junk food has any affect on acne? Does it worsen acne, does it aggravate it or make it worse? The term –junk- has been applied this type of food and we all can assume what the answers to the questions will be, yes? Forever, grownups have been telling us and warning us about how junk food is bad for us and we should stick to natural home cooked foods. But of course, the human stomach is not satisfied long by the home cooked food and sometimes there isn’t even enough time to cook it and thus we all resort to junk food, a faster way of giving our body energy! But are we also giving it something more?

What Is Junk Food?
Before we answer the major and big question, here is a little explanation of what junk food really is. This term is applied to almost all foods that parents or teachers do not like but what does it actually mean? Junk food is food that has a lot of calories but if you see the nutritional value of the food, it comes up lacking or is really low. No wonder we are told not to get too comfortable with junk food! It comes in all forms. It can be packaged food or even the fast food we get. It all depends on how the food is made and what is the nutritional value of it. Thus, basically unhealthy food is considered to be junk food.

Does Junk Food Aggravate Acne?
Yes, it does. It has already been proven a lot of times that what you eat is very important to your skin. How many times have we heard that you are what you eat? It is actually very true. Junk food can easily aggravate acne because it has all that which our skin does not really need in large amounts and if we eat a lot of junk food, let’s just say things can get pretty bad! Junk food has a high oil, salt and sugar content which messes up quite a lot of balances in the body. Obesity is easily caused by eating too much junk food. However, if we eat a lot of oil we can safely presume that even our body would produce quite a bit of sebum which can settle on our skin and even block our pores. Now, who really wants that to happen? No one. Even with sugar, too much of it can actually cause inflammatory reactions in our body. People complain that they get acne because of eating too many chocolates. It is not the fault of the chocolate as much as the fault of the sugar content that the chocolate probably holds!

Which Junk Foods Can Aggravate Acne?
On the top of this particular list lies the name ‘soft drinks and sodas’. They are often pretty directly associated with acne and can aggravate it further. Even those who have acne have noticed that their acne became better after they stopped drinking soft drinks and sodas. Not only are they not good for your health overall but they are known to aggravate acne. Chocolates are not considered as junk food entirely but even they are labeled as acne aggravators. Other foods which can aggravate acne, junk foods to be more specific, are pizza and even greasy foods such as French fries. Of course, these foods are on the high list of being most loved by teenagers and young adults all over the world. But this particular age group is also the one that is most affected by acne. Check any research and you’ll see that acne is most common in teenagers from the age of fourteen to young adults of the age twenty five to twenty six. Telling them to stop eating these foods will be quite an effort on the person who is saying it but the fact remains that if they truly care about their skin, they will stop eating junk foods. Nothing is worse than having acne at an age where you want your skin to be flawless and beautiful because you care immensely about it. If you are on the road to recovery or are treating your skin, it is important to lay off junk foods along with whatever else it is that you’re doing.

It is widely accepted, the consequences that junk food can have on our skin. But then again, there are many who do not stop having it till things get too worse. Before they reach that point, try to heal your skin and avoid anything that can aggravate your pimples further. After all, to achieve flawless skin you will have to struggle for it and that means no pizza!

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