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Does Rubbing Ice On Skin Work For Acne?

Introduction And Background

Acne is a skin condition which is not only feared by most but is also prevalent in most. No matter how much awareness is caused about this skin condition, it just occurs sometime. Teenagers are the age groups which have the highest rate of breakout of acne than any other age group. It is fairly less common in children but is more common in adults. Elderly people are rarely struck with acne but it is not impossible. When one has this terrible skin condition, he or she will try anything to remove it. No one likes their face to be acne ridden. No one wants spots. Thus, they’ll resort to creams and other kinds of dermatologic lotions but will they try rubbing ice on skin?

Does Rubbing Ice On Skin Work For Acne?
Let’s get straight to the point now, shall we? Does rubbing ice on skin work for acne? Yes, it does. Even though this remedy might seem to some people as laughable, you’ll be surprised on how many people have tried it out and were happy with the results!

A Word Of Truth…
Nothing cures acne overnight, except maybe plastic surgery. It takes time and effort on your part to start the treatment process, whatever process it might be, and then to be consistent on it. It takes weeks and even sometimes months to cure acne properly. Some teenagers have even reported getting rid of it after a span of a year and that too because they tried all sorts of things. Rubbing ice on skin does work for acne but it does not make acne magically disappear.

How Does Rubbing Ice On Skin Work For Acne?
Rubbing ice on skin not only reduces the inflammation on the skin that is caused by acne, it also soothes the skin and minimizes the pain of acne that is not common but is evidently seen in many. The redness that comes with acne is also reduced considerably and for a few moments you’ll feel really happy about it. It will not make the acne disappear but it will become considerably less apparent on your skin.

How To Rub The Ice?
Ice is obviously cold and no one can possibly tolerate that cold temperature against an area of skin for a very long time. Taking an icepack and holding it against the skin also works. But taking and ice cube and rubbing it gently on the skin is a better idea. Do this action for two minutes for best results as any more than that will be intolerable. You can repeat this action twice to thrice daily.

Benefits Of Rubbing Ice
Ice also induces blood circulation which means that after rubbing ice, the blood circulation around your face has become better. This is good as it would have more antioxidant effects. It will also refresh the face and cause blemishes and some minor spots to disappear. Your face gets a glow and a fresh look and it looks healthier than before. Ice is also known to be a skin toner. All these benefits can lead to acne prevention.

An Added Benefit…
Rubbing of ice on skin is also known to reduce wrinkles! If you’re worried about your wrinkles along with acne, this is probably the best remedy for you. It does not cost any effort and getting ice is much cheaper than getting any expensive dermal creams. In fact, ice is made right at home in your freezers! What could be better than this?

Be Patient…
Do not think that rubbing ice on skin will solve all your problems in a day. As said above, it will definitely minimize the effects of acne and will work to make your skin better. But do not think that your pimples will disappear overnight. They will gradually become smaller and your acne will be less noticeable. Rubbing ice will also help in maintaining a fresher skin. However, patience is required. Healing acne is not an easy process. It takes time and effort. Those are lucky who get rid of their acne problems quickly. Others really have to work hard at it. And those are the luckiest who never get acne at all.

Home remedies are not that popular but they’re becoming popular now. People are trying out different things and then giving reviews on the internet of how things worked for them. Rubbing ice on skin for acne has had the same effect. A lot of people have given positive reviews about it. Of course, negative ones are there and there is no hundred percent guarantee that it will cure your acne. But it is guaranteed that using ice will give your skin a natural flair, reduce your acne visibility and also enhance blood circulation causing a fresher look.

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