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Does Sunlight Cause Acne?

Introduction And Background

Does sunlight cause acne? This question has revolved around for ages and has confused a lot of people in exactly what role sunlight has to play in acne. Some think that sunlight is really good to cure acne, some think it’s good to prevent acne while some think that it actually makes the acne worse. There are also some who think that sunlight is actually one of the causative factors behind acne. Here, you’ll get to know what the actual relation between sunlight and acne is.

How Does Sunlight Affect Our Skin?

Sunlight is the basic energy resource that is required by almost every living being on planet Earth. It is needed for various chemical reactions that are essential for life and is needed for a healthy body as well. The thing one has to understand is that sunlight is brilliant for you, but only if you use it in mild exposures. Sunlight is good for our skin. It kills most of the bacteria, keeps the skin fresh and glowing and is also the basic element from which Vitamin D is formed in our skin. In fact, sunlight is also the treatment method for many skin diseases. However, it is important to understand that too much exposure to sunlight can damage and burn our skin. It can harm us in various ways. Take benefit from sunlight, but do not sit under it for hours at a time. It will only harm you, nothing else.


Can Sunlight Cure Acne?

Sunlight can in fact kill a lot of bacteria. The UV treatment that one gets from sunlight is known for curing many conditions and acne is actually one of them. One should get mild dozes of sunlight, but only mild dozes. Do not sit under the sunlight for too long.


Does Sunlight Cause Acne?

Getting to the major question now, does sunlight actually cause acne? Yes, sunlight can cause acne but you need to read more to get what this actually means. Mild and limited exposure to sunlight does not cause acne but if extreme exposures to sunlight are in order then it will cause acne.


How Can Sunlight Cause Acne?

Extreme exposures to sunlight cause acne in many methods. For instance, after a few hours your skin will start to feel irritated by all the heat and the direct rays of the sun and it could easily form a rash which could become a form of acne soon. In another way, your skin could become really oily and sweaty because you’ve been under the sun for so long and hence whiteheads and blackheads might arise which can gather in a patched area to become acne. And even if you already have pimples on your body and are sitting under the sun longer than necessary, you can easily get acne. Again, the thing to understand here is it is only the extreme exposures to sunlight that can cause acne. Otherwise, sunlight is pretty harmless and in fact good for the skin!

Can Sunlight Prevent Acne?

Sunlight is generally good for a healthy looking skin. Make the comparison yourself between people living under the sun and the people who haven’t seen daylight for days at a stretch, living in cloudy areas. Sun makes the skin glow. It makes it fresh and it also keeps it mildly clean. This way, it can also prevent acne at times. Since the sun is a fighter of bacteria, mild exposure to sunlight can really help in keeping a perfect and flawless skin. Again, the word to remember here is ‘mine’. Sunlight can also prevent acne in a really different way. A study has shown that stress and depression are relieved and become less if a person takes a walk in sunlight. Stress if one of the leading causes of acne in young adults. If they can relieve their stress, they might save themselves from one of the worst skin conditions.
Always Remember:
• Sunlight is essential for you. But mild exposure to sunlight.
• Extreme exposure to sunlight can damage your skin, cause acne pimples to worsen or become more permanent and can also cause a burnt looking skin.
• If you cannot escape extreme exposure to sunlight then it is better to take precautionary measures for yourself so that you do not let your skin suffer because of it.



The myth behind this was not that everyone was wrong. It was that everyone was right in their own way. Sunlight does cause acne but only if exposure to it is a lot. Otherwise, it will only prove to be beneficial to you because sunlight can also prevent acne as well as cure it. The thing to keep in mind is mild exposure. It is the mild exposure of sunlight that will get you what you’re actually looking for; a way to prevent and a way to cure.


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