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Does taking shower help in acne?

Introduction And Background

Once you have acne, you are really confused. You do not know what treatment process to follow and you are confused as to why you got acne in the first place. This happens a lot. I had a friend who used to give people advice on their skin from stuff that he read in magazines but then he got acne; he was the most confused person alive after that. He would question everybody and everyone about the slightest cream he would use, the soap he would use. He was afraid to experiment on his skin. No one is experimenting. All you need to do is start a treatment process and then if it seems to work after a few days, stick to it.

What Causes Acne?
A lot of things can cause acne. It can be because of the weather conditions. Maybe there is too much sun and your skin gets irritated and inflamed spots arrive which can easily lead to acne. Maybe it has something to do with your genes; acne has been in your family for generations or so. It could even be the hormonal changes that your body is facing during the puberty stages or it could be your horrendous diet where you don’t eat anything but sweets. Well, there could be a lot of causes for acne but in this article, we will pay attention to one cause specifically; Hygiene.

Hygiene And Acne
Your hygiene is one of the major reasons why you get acne. If a person is dirty and their face is oily most of the time. They go for hours without washing it or even checking to see if it’s getting too oily. They can easily get acne. Hygiene is very important. If you don’t have it, chances are you’ll pay for it. It is better to remain clean all the time than to repent later on.

Does Taking Shower Daily Help In Acne?
Now that the importance of acne has been outlined, it is necessary to talk about the steps you will take towards it. What process will cleanse the entire body? Of course it is showering. But does taking a shower daily really help in acne? Yes it does. It keeps one clean from all the daily activities that one has been doing. Here is how showering can help in acne, even if it is taken on a daily basis:

  • Firstly, a shower is supposed to be taken daily. Showering is extremely good for health besides helping in curing and speeding up the acne treatment process. It will cleanse your entire body, clean out the pores of the skin and also save you from the bacteria that can cause acne. Yes, bacteria do cause acne. Mostly, it is bacteria that settles in the clogged pore and causes inflammation.
  • A shower will also make you peaceful; help relieve you of the stress. This is necessary for the stimulation that your body is doing on the inside. Curing acne from the outside is as necessary as curing acne from the inside! Stress is really bad for acne. If a shower relieves your daily work stress or even the school stress, do it daily. It will help in curing acne.
  • A shower keeps oily skin at bay. Some people are born with more glands than others and for them, showering is of the utmost importance. They need to do it.

They Say Too Much Showering Is Bad…
Too much of a good thing is bad, I agree. But showering on a daily basis is not. Some people say that their skin becomes rough if they shower too much. No one is telling them to roughen up their skin by harshly rubbing soap against it. One can shower in five minutes while gently pouring soapy foam over themselves. And there is always a lotion one can use if their skin is getting too dry. But trust me, skin does not get dry if one showers daily. It is actually a good habit, one that everyone should have. In fact, if someone showers on a daily basis before they have acne, they’re skin is likely to be really clean and they will not suffer from any blocked or clogged pores. Thus, the evidence suggests that taking a shower daily really does help in acne treatments. You just have to make sure you are not harsh with your skin while showering like most people are, thinking they are removing the dirt if they rub really roughly.

If one has acne, they should handle the situation from all aspects. Just rubbing on creams will not be enough. They should take care of their diet. They should drink more water. Moreover, they should take good care of their hygiene.

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