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Effect Of Food On How We Smell


Introduction And Background
Our scent is as important as how we look. A lot of people say that even if a person looks drop dead gorgeous, if they have a bed smell then their appeal is automatically reduces considerably; The way a person smells is part of us and a very prominent part. No matter how a person looks, how a person smells has more of an effect. This is why it is necessary that you pay attention to the details of the article. You will learn more about body odor and smell.

Why We Smell?
We all know when we start smelling. It happens when we sweat a lot or have not showered for days or more. We also smell when we eat something specific. All in all, there are countless reasons why we smell and we can discuss them all day long but this article is centralized around one such reason; food. Food also affects how we smell. In fact, it affects it a lot. And not just from the mouth. Some people think that the food we eat only affects the smell of the mouth. For instance, after eating garlic there is a stench that stays. After eating eggs, there is also another smell that is unbearable after a while when it mixes with our saliva. Garlic also has its own separate identity and the smell of it can be sensed from afar. Even if a person cooks with garlic, the aroma of it remains around their body for some time unless they shower or something.

On Perspiration
Ever wonder how some people who sweat can smell considerably worse than others who don’t even have a smell of sweating? Food also has a part to play with that. If the food you are eating has some sort of strong smell, your sweat can also carry that smell. The foods we eat does affect our body odor. True, bacteria in our pores also affect the smell of sweat but other than that, perspiration is also affected by food. There has been a study conducted on perspiration and food and the link has been stronger than ever. A person with kidney problems who undergo dialysis has also been noted to carry around the stench of the food they have eaten along with other toxic substances in their body.

Food On Perspiration
After this, you’ll be wondering what to eat and what not to eat, right? Well, eat everything. Your diet is important and it will not be good to stay away from certain kinds of food. Nonetheless, body odor is affected by the food you eat. Those who eat a lot of vegetables generally have a better smell than those who eat meat. The meat eating people have a higher chance of sweating with a bad smell. The herbivores do not smell that often. There have even been surveys conducted on this particular issue! Body odor of the people who eat vegetables was more pleasant and endurable than the body odor of the people who ate meat. In women, the probability of this was much higher as food affected them more.

Does It Affect Gender Differently?
There is no solid proof of this as yet as it varies from person to person. But women are generally known to have a worse body odor than males sometime. However, it is the other way around too in some areas of the world. There is no gender biased food agenda here.

Foods That Contribute To Body Odor
There are certain kinds of food that contribute to body odor and you should know about them in case you need to change the way you smell! Of course, the main ones such as garlic and onions are pretty obvious. They should not be on the list of things you eat everyday while going in society of the public. They’ll be wanting to get away from that smell in your mouth! Other than that, cheese also affects body odor considerably. Fermented foods are also on that list. Vinegar has also been known to cause a certain stench in sweating later on. From the vegetables side, it is only cabbage and radishes that can bring a certain smell. Other than that, as mentioned above, vegetable eating people are pretty safe from having a terrible body odor. It is the meat eaters that need to worry about the smell that might come about when they sweat. And the red meat is the worst kind. It can contribute the most to body odor. However, this does not mean that you let go of red meat completely! It should be included in your diet from time to time for good health.

How we smell is important. Everyone knows that. Thus, pay more attention to the food you are eating next time before going to a gathering or meeting people!


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