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Handle Your Skin Gently

Introduction and background

Why does skin get so rough at times? Why does it sag? Why does it stricken? Why does it get red blotches and the only thing you’ve done is apply a little lotion? You should know that how you do something is as important as what you’re doing. Applying lotion or moisturisers on dry skin is good for it, but how you’re applying it also matters.

Be patient and have a soft touch

What women usually do in a hurry is, they spill more than the required content of lotion or moisturisers on their hand and quickly (even harshly) rub it on their face and arms. And as if that wasn’t enough, they do the same with their kids. They shouldn’t do it this way. There is a proper method. Learn how:
1. Take your time. Do not squash the bottle in a hurry and pour more than you intended to. And then lightly dip your finger in it and then put lotion spots around your face.
2. Massage them gently, as you would do a baby’s. Again, take your time. Remember that when you massage your skin gently, blood circulation improves and your face becomes pinker. It even glows more!
The soft touch that you’ll give your skin nourishes it. It soothes it and relaxes it. You have no idea what simple relaxation can do to your skin. Some people look years younger because they have treated their skin the way it should have been treated. Be careful the next time you put on anything. Even the way you put face wash or soap on should be gentle and not at all rough. Roughness will just harm it rather than make it better.

Do not over-do anything

An important lesson that every woman and man must learn is, they shouldn’t over-do anything. For example, if the skin is too dry, do not go overboard and put a lot of lotion on it. The skin is not a plaything. It will take time for it to heal. Massage it gently with only a little lotion at first. Even if you have the driest skin, the slow treatment is the best treatment. And do not forget the soft touch.

How skin conditions arise

Unless you have some genetic defect or are unfortunate to have it in your genes, skin conditions are seventy percent your fault. Sheer neglect and carelessness will lead to oily or dry skin and hence you’ll either have pimples and acne or wrinkles and roughness. Have a balanced diet. A nutritious meal affects your skin in a positive way. Drinking water makes it look healthier. If you are not careful enough then there are chances you will get many blackheads and white heads  not forgetting the atrocious pimples of the teen age. If you’re taking care of your skin, remember you’re only doing it for you.

The Skin condition of Acne

Acne is a terrible disease. It ruins the self esteem, confidence and social welfare of those who have it. The spots on the shoulder and neck are somewhat bearable but if the acne has occurred on the face, it can even lead to depression. Acne is not life threatening but it is one of the worst skin conditions as well as the most feared. However, acne is pretty curable. There are many treatments available which can get rid of acne. It takes time, but the end results are good. One of the treatment methods is the herbal method. The herbals supplements are one of the most effective ways to treat acne. Consisting of natural ingredients, herbal acne treatment supplements do not have any side effects. They are perfectly safe and easy to use. Another advantage is that they are not that expensive. But remember, just because the price is less doesn’t mean it is a compromise. It is not. It is one of the best solutions available in the market for acne problems.


The point of this article was to tell you and show you how to be good to your skin. It doesn’t matter what you do if you aren’t doing it properly. Be gentle and give it the softness it requires. The skin is one of the most vital elements of your body, to some the most important. So take care of it the right way.


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  1. wash your face every few hours with an oil-free soap.also buy an aloe plant leaf (available at most food markets)first cut off the small thorn like part of the leaf (borders). cut the leaf in half and pass it thorugh your face. it produces a transparent jelly-like substance, that is what you are interested in. let it dry and remove a few hours later.The aloe plant is really good for this. Personally, I use it everytime I have a breakout and it works really fast. it works better if you let it on a whole day and repeat the procedure until it is completely healed. try it out, I garantee it will work, plus it is very affordable.


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