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How Does Sunlight Affect The Skin?

Introduction And Background

Sometimes, when a thing is good for you, it can also be bad if misused considerably. For instance, the protein in chicken is good for you. But having too much chicken is also not good for your health because you need other foods, other nutrients and it might develop pimples and acne on the face. The same way the sun which is the main energy source for everything in this world can also be harmful if not used intelligently and resourcefully. Since the sunlight is in contact with the human skin most of the time, it affects it the most.


The Good Side Of The Story

You’ll notice that generally, if people are deprived of sunlight, their skin is not as fresh and glowing as would normally be. It would be sallow looking and pale. It is the usual skin type of people living in mountainous or cloudy areas where there is little or no sunlight. The sun makes the sin vibrant and fresh and good to look at. Other than that, there are many other benefits that the sun gives to the skin that are listed below.
• Sunlight is known as a cure for various skin diseases out of which Psoriasis and Eczema is one.
• The other way in which sunlight affects the skin is that it provides vitamin D to the body. Vitamin D is produced when the ultra violet rays from the sunlight hit the skin on our body.
• It naturally nourishes the skin and gives a glowing look to it.
• It provides the energy needed for chemical reactions to take place, even on the skin.
• Some scientists think that sunlight also speeds up the healing processes of cuts and wounds.
• Sunlight also destroys most of the bacteria lying on our skin.


The Bad Side Of The Story

As said before, with all good things there are bound to be some bad ones. Sunlight can be very beneficial but only if the exposure to it is limited. Otherwise, there can be a lot of bad effects on the skin if there is too much exposure to sunlight. Some of them are:
• Your skin gets burnt easily and it clearly shows. Sunburn usually happens when you stand in the sunlight for longer periods of time very frequently. And they destroy the freshness and clearness of the skin with red blotches and faded color of the skin.
• Wrinkles develop more quickly. Those people who do hard labor and work under the sun have older looking skin even if they are younger than someone. This is mainly due to the effect of sunlight and the fact that it makes skin age more quickly. But only if the exposure is too intense.
• If a person has acne or spots or marks from pimples, they will become more obvious and permanent if one stands under the sun a lot with clear and long exposure to sunlight.


Something To Keep In Mind

It is extremely important to know that sunlight is not harmful for you. Do not get scared after reading the bad effects because they do not happen unless the exposure is immense. Sunlight is actually what your skin needs and is even essential for overall general human health. Often, people get scared from the sun and you’ll see ladies walking around with umbrellas all the time, not letting their skin get a touch of sunlight for even a single minute. This is not that good. Let your skin get the benefits and bask in the sunlight but make sure that it stays in the beneficial range and not in the harmful one.


In Case Of Harms, How To Protect Your Skin

No doubt there are harms of the sun. Your skin can get burnt and you can get incredibly tanned. Rarely, skin cancer also develops because of high levels of exposure of sunlight on the skin though this does not happen very often. In case of all the harms and you cannot get out of exposing yourself to the sun for a longer time, you can always turn to Sun Blocks. They are highly effective in protecting your skin against the dangerous UV rays and also play a part in helping to stop the ageing process that comes about because of sunlight. Your skin does not get burn and you enjoy the benefits of sunlight to the fullest.



When the sun comes out, especially if you are living in areas where this does not happen often, do not do any injustice to your skin and go bask in the sunlight. It will give your skin the energy, the glow it requires and will also make you a stronger and happier person. Sunlight takes the gloom away.

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