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How Is Woman’s Skin Different From Man’s?

Introduction And Background

A woman is very different from a man. Besides the obvious differences, they are made up of a different genetic material entirely. But then again, so is every other human, correct? However, aside from the obvious, the question still lies whether or not a man’s skin is different from a woman’s. The answer to that is yes, they are different. The skin of man and woman may have differences which we often attribute to being the differences from person to person. For example, there are men around who are born with soft skin and lighter skin, very similar to that of many women. This article will talk in generalized terms though so there is no confusion.

Is A Woman’s Skin Different From A Man’s?
The answer to that question has already been discussed above but just to make things clearer, a woman’s skin is different from a man’s. If you look at most of the men around, discounting the few that might have skin similar to that of women, their skin is visibly different from that of a woman.

How Is Women’s Skin Different From Man’s?
Now we’ll get right to the point. Since we have established that the skin of man and woman are different, you will be wondering of how they are different. Here are a few points written below which would explain and tell how exactly their skins differ.

  • A man’s skin contains more pigments than a woman’s, melanin to name one. You might have noticed that around the world, a man’s skin is a shade darker than a woman’s. It could also be that they work outside more than the opposite sex and are generally the bread earners which might put their skin in rough and tough places. However, it has been scientifically proven that men have a higher quantity of pigments.
  • A man’s skin is thicker than that of a woman’s. This we can all agree too. I can’t imagine the number of times I’ve put my hand on the face of my mother and swooned at the soft skin while the rough skin of my dad has always made me want to put lotion on it. The reason behind this is again the structure of the skin. A man has more collagen; therefore, his skin is thicker. This is kind of a good thing for man though. This means that they develop wrinkles at a slower pace and since their skin is thicker, they are not as susceptible to acne and pimples like women are.
  • A woman’s skin has more fat beneath it, in other words, called the subcutaneous fat. This gives women’s skin a more glowing and plump appearance. And of course, it brings about the complaint of cellulite from women!
  • This has to with subcutaneous fat again. Women do not show as much muscle definition on their skin as man do. Since they have fat beneath their skin layers, their bodies will always seem less toned than a man unless they specifically work out for it.
  • Men have more hair on their skin than a woman (THANK GOD). They have more facial hair and generally more hair on the entire skin of the body, not just the face.
  • A woman’s skin is more of an alkaline medium than a man’s. This might not concern you but it is important for those who have acne. Their doctors then assign face washes of a medium which will be better suited for the skin of a woman and vice versa for man.
  • This fact might interest you. A man’s skin secretes oil their entire life. A woman’s skin stops secreting oil after she faces menopause! She has to take extra care of her skin afterwards so it doesn’t become too dry and irritable.
  • Men have more sweat glands on their skin so they sweat more than women generally.

Do Men And Women Require Different Products For Skin?
Keeping in mind all these differences, it is no wonder tha men and women have different skin care products. They can use general products such as face washes but since their skins are so different, it is better if they use their own products. After all, women do not have facial hair so they do not need an aftershave. Men do not use cold creams. Well, mostly.

A man and a woman must treat their skins differently as their skin is pretty different from each other. A woman’s skin requires more care which is good because women are generally more conscious about their skin in the first place. They like to buy more products than men. However, both genders should take good care of their skin and cater to its needs.

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