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How To Control Acne In Children? Natural Tips

Introduction And Background

Skin conditions are really the worst thing. It ruins you completely if you let it because the face has everything to do with self-confidence, especially at such a young age. And where skin conditions are mentioned, acne is sure to follow. Probably the most common skin condition of all, acne is generally the most feared by all as well. It is not restricted to teenagers only (even if the highest occurrence rate is that of teenagers) but also elderly people and young adults. Forget that, it occurs in babies as well! Mere infants! However, it occurs in small children as well and this is the topic we’re going to discuss today.


How Does Acne Occur In Children?

Acne is not common in childhood but it is not a rare occurrence either. Acne in children can develop due to various reasons, much of which are the same as how others older than them get acne. Acne can develop due to some hormonal changes that the child is suddenly facing or by the unnecessary stress that can befall a small child because of family problems or social circumstances. Children can also get acne because of the little care they give their skin. Their age is usually the one where there is not a care in the world, especially towards the skin and their pores get clogged up easily due to the poor hygiene level they maintain. Thus, it is easier for them to get acne. Sometimes, a particular medicine or drug that the child is taking can have acne as a side effect and it is usually the reason that children suddenly get pimples on their face before the stages of puberty. Prevalence is also a cause. If the parents had acne in their childhood, there is a good chance that the child will have it as well before the onset of puberty.


The Age In Which Children Get Acne

Children do not usually get acne until they are seven years old. Then, from the age of eight to eleven, there is a chance that they might acne due to the above given reasons and causes.

What Are The Symptoms Of Child Acne? Is It Different From Adult Acne?

The symptoms of child acne are pretty much the same as adult acne. There are pimples and whiteheads that have accumulated and some even get blackheads at such a young age! There might be nodules that are filled with pus and children often play with it or aggravate it further by touching it endlessly. But all in all, child acne is the same as adult acne.


How To Treat And Control Acne In Children?

Since acne in children is not that common, the treatment is slightly different from the one given to an adult. An adult can treat their acne but a child cannot. And there is extra information required before a child can be treated for acne. For instance, knowing the child’s age and the medical history is important before any medication can be prescribed and the child’s tolerance or specification or any allergies it also taken into consideration.


The Natural Methods Of Controlling Acne In Children

Now we come to the natural methods of controlling acne. Children are small and they are not that well read about the subject of acne. Most children are not even concerned about their acne condition. In this case, the parents have to play the major role in curing and controlling the acne of their children:
• Ensure that the child is clean. Children do not usually take baths by themselves and often it is the parent that has to tell them to go clean up. This is necessary when a child has acne because cleanliness will cure the child more quickly than anything else.
• Make sure the child’s diet is perfect. They will want to have all the junk in the world but it is the duty of the parents to make sure that their child is eating all sorts of fruits and vegetables so that their health and skin cures itself.
• Pertain that the child drinks sufficient water. This is also one of the perks of childhood, to be unconcerned about the body fluids. If they will drink water, it will only ensure their betterment and their body will be detoxified and since children heal more quickly, their acne will also disappear.
• Encourage the child to wash his face and to make sure that he stays away from playing in the dirt which is usually the favorite pastime.



The child has gotten acne but he or she is too immature and small to do anything about it. It is the responsibility of the parents to do something about it and to make sure the acne in their kid is controlled and cured.

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