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How To Control Itching In Acne

Introduction And Background

Acne is not just a disease that has pimples on the face and you’ll just have to live with it. It causes some other painful things as well. One of them is itching. Itching in acne is a really common symptom and one that is unavoidable in most teenagers. They cannot control their itching and this in turn causes something a lot worse than acne; acne scarring. Once you’ve scarred your skin, healing it will be much tougher than the time that you had to heal the acne only. It is better to be careful than be sorry later on.

Acne is sometimes caused by an infection and sometimes by poor hygiene, that is if you’ve clogged the pores of your skin and inflammation has occurred somehow. As the pores have now been clogged, there is no access to the outside air by the skin which makes it drier and scalier. We all know that dry skin causes a lot of itching. And this is exactly what happens in acne.

Does The Itching Occur In A Specific Area?

Not necessarily. The itching can occur on any acne infected area or even on a single spot or pimple at times. It all depends on how irritable the skin is around some area.

How To Control The Itching In Acne?

To control the acne in itching, you need to be strong at first. Controlling the urges can be really hard. Sometimes you really have to fight that hand of yours from going up to your face! But here are a few tips that could help immensely (along with a little will power on your side):
• Try to stay out of the sun if you have acne. Now that you know that dryness is the main cause behind the itch, you’ll have enough sense to know that the sun can make the skin even more dry, which would make you want to scratch it more.
• Visit a doctor and get a face wash of a good company that can moisturize your skin and clear up the clogged pores. This will not only stop you from scratching to get rid of the itch but will also cure your acne problems in due time.
• Do not use make up! Cosmetics usage is going to make the situation worse. It will only aggravate and irritate your skin and pretty soon, you’ll be scratching your face like an animal. If you cannot avoid using make up, try using only a little of it and try not to apply it around areas where you have acne.
• Try to scrub your skin gently. Often what people do is, in a hurry they’re pretty harsh when they clean their skin and do not even rinse and lather properly. This also irritates the skin and makes you itchy all over. Try and be gentle and take time to clean the skin properly. It will only ease your situation.

A Psychological Way To Control The Itching

Will to control the itch is not an easy thing to come by. It is easier to say ‘oh, do not scratch your face’ but it is really harder to do when every being in your body tells you to go ahead and make yourself comfortable again by just scratching a little. Well, there is a way around this too. Just tell yourself of the consequences of scratching your face if it’s itching and you’ll be fine. Tell yourself, keep reminding yourself that if you scratch the face you’ll aggravate the skin and the acne will become worse. Keep in mind that if you scratch yourself then it will probably bring an infection because your skin will be more susceptible and vulnerable to the germs and bacteria in the environment. And of course, the scars that come with acne… All these scary details are bound to lower that hand of yours and bear the itching whenever you feel the need to even touch the acne infected area to give yourself a little soothing comfort.


Is Itching Very Common In Acne?

Yes, it is. Almost everyone who has ever had acne has complained of wanting to scratch their face just once, if not more. Those with mild acne do not have that problem much but those with severe acne find themselves in quite a stretch when all they want to do is get rid of the itching somehow.



Itching is a common symptom of acne. It is difficult to control because itching is really an irritating and annoying factor behind acne but this article will help you in dealing with it. There is a way to get rid of it, psychological, environmental, physical and mental. All you have to do is try.

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