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How to Deal With Buttocks Breakouts?

Having pimples on your buttocks is probably the most irritating and disgusting skin condition that you can ever imagine. But the thing that needs to be realized here is the fact that although they are annoying and unsightly, they are not considered to be acne. The reason behind this is simple, acne simply doesn’t occur in that area. The most common occurrence of acne is on the face and if not there then either the chest or the back. These are the only places where acne can turn up. The difference between the two is quite clear and simple to understand, however very few people are actually aware about it and since little care is shown even in the case of acne, no one bothers to find out about it properly. Therefore, to make our readers more informed about the difference between the two and furthermore, the treatment methods which can be used to remove these breakouts, we have compiled this article. Read on to find out more about it.

Reasons for buttock breakouts

Another name for buttock breakouts is “butt-ne” and the reason why this occurs is one of the two problems described below:

  • Folliculitis: It is basically about inflammation that occurs with a hair follicle, something that can turn up on practically any part of your body. Found primarily on the surface of the skin, it is caused either by the friction between the body and tight clothes or bacteria accumulating on the skin and causing an infection. The result is shallow and very small bumps of pus which are irritating and not painful.
  • Carbuncles: This can be considered as the next stage of folliculitis when it worsens. The resulting condition is something that looks like a cyst caused by acne. Another common name for this is boils and this one tends to grow under the skin, causing pain to the person having it.

Even though there is absolutely no direct link between these two problems and acne, it is highly recommended that they be treated as soon as possible in order to avoid scarring.


There are separate treatments for both folliculitis and carbuncles and depending on which on you have, you can proceed accordingly. However, it is not enough that you rely solely on this article and it is strongly advised that you only proceed after consulting a dermatologist.

  • Folliculitis: There is a very slight chance that you will actually need to treat folliculitis as the eruptions caused by this go away as the time passes. However, if things start getting worse then you can visit a dermatologist who will give you a combination of products in your prescription to clean the infected area of skin. Usually it is a topical antibiotic that you can apply to the area with the eruptions and in addition to that there can also be a benzoyl peroxide wash that is particularly helpful in cleaning the infected area of the skin.
  • Carbuncles: Since this one is deep in the skin, there is much more intensive care involved. Oral antibiotics may be a part of the treatment too so that the bacteria can be neutralized from the inside. There may also be the need to drain the boils by lancing or piercing it. It is important that you have all this done only by a dermatologist who will ensure a sterile environment and procedure. Becoming your own doctor here may lead to getting the place infected. So make sure you only get this treated by a dermatologist.


If we talk about prevention then it has to be admitted that it isn’t possible to completely avoid these problems. However if you wear loose clothing and keep yourself clean and healthy, the chances of it occurring can be reduced significantly. Treat folliculitis promptly to avoid having it turn into carbuncles.

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