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How To Get Rid Of Pimples With Orange Peels

Introduction And Background

In chick flick movies, you will find almost each and everyone a conversation between teenage girls about their pimples and zits. They fret over it, worry over it and often get teased over it by their friends and enemies alike. And with good reason. Pimples are inflamed spots on our skin, nodules like cysts that are really disliked by all, especially girls. There are numerous ways to fix that though. There are creams, lotions, face washes and different treatments that all say they can get rid of pimples. But then again, why should we spend money on these products when we have to go no further than the kitchen to find a solution for this problem.

Orange Peels
Oranges are acidic in nature and since they are a good citrus fruit, they are enriched with Vitamin C. This makes it the perfect choice for curing acne and pimples both. If you have a problem with the skin and would like to solve it naturally rather than put chemicals on it, go out and buy oranges right now. Read on further to learn exactly how to use orange peels to get rid of pimples.

How To Get Rid Of Pimples With Orange Peels?
Pimples are not that hard to deal with once you know what to do. Here are procedures that use orange peels to get rid of pimples.

  • Carefully peel an orange. You can eat the orange but put the peel in the sunlight to dry. Once the peel has dried up, it can be grinded into powder by a grinder or any hard substance. Once you have the powder, pour water in it. Don’t be quick. By observation, pour enough water to make a paste. Now you can apply the paste onto the area where you have pimples. Leave it for about fifteen to twenty minutes or until it dries up on your skin. After that, you can wash it away with cold water. You should try and repeat this process for at least two weeks for results. Do not expect to suddenly get good skin after just doing it once. Remember, healing the skin takes time.
  • Peel off the orange. As said before, you can eat the orange because the fruit is excellent for health and for your skin too. This time, you do not put the peel in the sun but gently put the peel against the pimples and rub it slightly. Do not be hard because that can aggravate or cause redness. Do not use the same peel again and again or on different areas because it can spread bacteria.
  • Take the peel of an orange and squeeze it as soon as you have taken it off the orange. Only a little fluid will come out but it is excellent for the skin. Dab the fluid with cotton and then dab the cotton onto your skin where the pimples are. You’ll see the difference in a few days.

You must remember to repeat these processes as frequently as you can. Do not just do it once or twice. Whenever you get the time, do it without losing time. This way, the pimples will disappear sooner.

A Few Things To Remember
Remember to wash your hands before doing any of this. You don’t want dirty hands to mix with the orange peels because that will only bring more bacteria onto your skin. Also remember to wash your face before applying or rubbing anything. There is no use in applying clean stuff over dirt because that will only mix it and can cause further clogged pores. Try not to touch your pimples either. Just do it with orange peel. Do not rub it with your hands or touch it with your fingers. Many people tend to feel it to see how it is or if it is sturdy enough to touch and break. But remember not to touch it at all because it can leave a scar. Just do the techniques with the orange peels and you’ll be on the road to getting rid of pimples for good.

Eat The Orange
Although the outside of the orange is doing you good, don’t forget to eat the orange. It is high in vitamin C and will help to detoxify the body from the inside. As you are working on the outside with the peel, help yourself from the inside by eating the oranges.

The best remedies are sometimes found at home but we are always reluctant to try them because we think that every solution has a price. Well, not this time. You just have to go to the kitchen and get yourself an orange to make things alright with your skin. Don’t want to see that pimple ever again? Get an orange.


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