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How To Treat Acne With Salt?

Introduction And Background

We are all commercial users. But that I mean that we rarely turn to the herbal methods or the home remedies or the old wives tales to fix something because we think the expensive products on the counters are the best way to treat things. Well, sometimes it is not the best way to treat things. And I am talking about acne here. Many people have said that treating acne by making sure they are eating the right diet and drinking enough water is the best way of going about it because it does not have any side effects and the skin is glowing by the end of the treatment process. Salt is also one of the things that can treat acne. Yes, I am talking about salt, the white substance you use in most of your foods!

Types Of Salt
This is bound to confuse you a little because there are so many types of salts. There is Epson salt, brown salt, white salt, iodized salt, non-iodized salt and even sea salt. When I say salt, I do not mean just any salt. Do not go out and buy iodized salt and use it all over your face! That type of salt is for the food only. The salt I am particularly talking about in the case of acne is sea salt. Sea salt is used to treat acne mostly.

How To Treat Acne With Sea Salt?
It is not that hard. In fact, it is actually quite easy to do and you might even have some fun while doing it. Firstly, sea salt is not that hard to get. You can easily get it over the counter and it does not cost that much either. Secondly, you need to prepare that sea salt for acne treatment. You didn’t think you had to just apply the small crystals all over the face, did you?

  • Buy a spray battle and fill it to the top with water. Add about one teaspoon of sea salt into it and shake it thoroughly so that the salt is mixed with the water.
  • Spray the mixture of salt and water onto a cotton ball and apply it onto the face. Do not spray the water directly onto the face. You need to dab the cotton ball gently onto the area where acne is.
  • Remember to do the above after cleaning the face with water. You definitely do not want to apply a salty cotton ball onto a dirty and oily surface. It could actually make the acne worse and can also irritate the skin greatly.
  • Do not do this every day. Do it on alternate days because there is the danger of the skin becoming too dry if you do it too often. Do not think that it is a bad thing. You also know that washing the face a lot leads to dryness but that does not mean that washing the face is bad for the skin!

If you think this won’t work, try swimming in the sea or the ocean. Ever wonder why your skin gets way better after you’ve come back from a short swim? It is all the sea salt!

The Goodness Of Sea Salt
Sea salt is not like any other salt. It has the ocean in it, the organisms, the enzymes and various other elements to it. It is known for providing a barrier to infections, for making the skin glow and also healing wounds. There are even some doctors who recommend you bathe in the sea to help you heal faster! Imagine what the sea salt can actually do for the acne then!

Keep Your Hopes High
There are times that sea salt do not work for some people. They then think negatively about it but this is not true. If sea salt does not work for some people it does not mean that it won’t work for you. And there is no harm in giving it a try. If you think that the sea salt is not at all worth it then you’re wrong. If it won’t cure the acne, it will at least be good the skin in general. There is really no danger if you try it out.

Who would have thought that sea salt can cure acne? But it can. The treatment to acne now consists of varied forms where there are tales that must be unbelievable. However, this one is not one of those. Using sea salt is very much possible and it actually works. There are many people who have tried it out and have even given reviews about it. If you are in any doubt, you can search for them and they’ll come in different places and forums. The point is to give it a try if you want to treat your acne with something natural and positive.

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  1. Please am using coconut oil can I still use the sea salt treatment for my acne


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