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Is Acne More Common In Sensitive Skin?

Introduction And Background

Next to obesity and world disorder, amongst the top in line as a concern for the population of this planet is acne. Teenagers, young adults and those who have to bear this skin disease are all worried about how to cure acne, how to avoid acne and how to make sure it doesn’t happen again if they’ve been through the terrible ordeal in the first place. However, there are some things that you should know about acne, especially if you have the type of skin that we’re now about to discuss.

How Common Is Acne?

Fairly common. More than ninety percent of the people in all regions have had acne once in their lifetime. It mostly occurs in stages of puberty and pregnant women get it too but in some case scenario or another, almost all have had it.

Is Acne More Common In Sensitive Skin?

The answer to this, unfortunately, is yes. Acne is more common in sensitive skinned people than the normal or combination skinned. Since their skin is already sensitive to the environment and to the normal every day things they use as well, it would come as no surprise that they are more likely or more prone to develop acne.

Why Is Acne More Common In Sensitive Skinned People?

Since we’ve established that acne is more common in sensitive skinned people, here are the reasons why acne is more common:
• Sensitive skin gets irritated more quickly. It develops pimples and blackheads and since the skin is already so responsive and delicate, the slightest dealing in the wrong way can further aggravate it to turn into a case of acne.
• Sensitive skin is also sensitive towards normal every day usage of things such cosmetics, lotions and even sunlight. These all can be reasons and causative factors of causing acne in the first place and with sensitive skin, the chances of developing acne is much higher.
• Sensitive skin is not very rigid or defensive against bacterial or antigens that can cover the body. They have an immediate reaction towards a foreign substance and that too can lead to a case of acne if not handled at all or handled badly by a youngster or an adult who is devoid of any skin knowledge.

Is Acne More Severe In Sensitive Skinned People?

This can also be the case at times. Mild or normal acne can quickly develop into a case of severe acne because of the sensitivity of the skin. It is better to quickly start the treatment process and handle your skin with care before things get worse.


Can Acne Be Treated In Sensitive Skinned People?

Yes, it can. Just because sensitive skinned people are more prone to acne does not mean that they cannot be treated or cured. There is a treatment and cure for acne for sensitive skin in much the same way as it is in other types of skin.


How To Treat Acne On Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin would require a treatment with equal sensitivity. There are several acne remedies that one can use and follow but it is not the remedy as much as how the remedy is applied that is important. Did you know that the wrong acne treatment can make the acne worse rather than heal it? It is better to do the research before starting on a treatment process.
• Decide on a treatment for acne that is specifically for sensitive skin. It will make things easier for you.
• Do not apply cosmetics or make up while you are under the treatment process because it will only make things worse.
• Do not use oily substances. Sensitive skin is highly reactive towards oily substances, a thing many people are not aware of.
• Do not take any stress. Stress makes sensitive skin more prone to getting pimples and blackheads and the curing and treatment process might be inhibited no matter what cream or product you are using to make it better. It is better to remain stress free during the process of treatment.
• Do not go out in the sunlight while you are treating yourself. Sensitive skin is most reactive to sunlight and acne scarring can develop this way.
• If you develop allergic reactions to different products you frequently use at home, try staying away while treatment has started.
Follow these steps and you’ll soon have treated acne on your sensitive skin.



With sensitive skin, the responsibility is heightened. You have to take greater care of your skin and have to ensure that it is not harmed. However, the job isn’t so hard. It is true that sensitive skin is more prone to getting acne but with the right way of living in the first place there is a high probability that you’ll never get acne.


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