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Is Acne Only Caused Due To Infection?

Introduction And Background

The skin condition of acne; these five words could make the hair on the back of the neck of every teen in the world, stand. Everyone fears the outbreak of acne like some sort of disease that could kill them. But instead of fearing their so called ‘enemy’, they should be aware of their enemy. Like a war strategy used in the olden days and even now with the phrase ‘in order to defeat your enemy, you have to know your enemy’. Everyone is just concerned about curing acne but they do not really keep themselves updated on what actually causes it. Knowing the causative factor could make all the difference in the world.


What Is Acne?

Acne is a skin condition where numerous pimples or cysts accumulate to form a patch. It usually occurs around the face, especially in the T oily zone but it is also known to occur at various other parts of the body such as the shoulder, the back, the arms and even the legs.

What Causes Acne?

Acne can be caused by many factors. Some of them are listed below.
• Dirty and oily skin can cause acne because then the pores of your skin are clogged easily and inflammation occurs where pimples are formed.
• Changes in hormone levels of the body causes acne which is why it is most common in teenagers, especially during the time of puberty where their body is undergoing a lot of hormonal changes. This is also why most pregnant women get acne and why women get acne when they are having their menstrual cycle.
• A few bacteria also cause acne.
• Acne can also come about due to genetic factors. If a child’s parents had acne sometime in their life, it is most likely that the child will suffer from it too unless he is very careful and takes specific precautions to avoid it.
• Irritation of skin also causes acne. For instance, a certain product that does not suit your skin can cause acne. Varying temperatures that make your skin dry or oily causes acne as well.
• A few medicines side effects cause acne. This mostly has to do with the hormonal changes in the body again. Some steroids are ‘warm’ medicine and can bring about acne quite easily.
• Infection can also cause acne.

How Can Infection Cause Acne?

Mostly what happens in this case scenario is, bacteria often irritate your skin and cause an infection. The infection immediately takes effect into bringing an inflammation on your skin which can become a problem of acne. Our skin’s response to infection is usually a reaction in which inflammation occurs, rash occurs or pimples and cysts are formed. These accumulate and become into a more permanent form of acne if left untreated.


Is Infection The Only Or Major Reason Behind Acne?

It is a major reason behind acne and mostly why acne occurs in young adults but it is not the only reason of getting it. As you’ve read above, there are various other reasons of why a breakout of acne comes to be.

Is Acne Curable?

For some odd reason, many people are still under the misconception that acne is one incurable skin disease after which your skin is never the same. This is not true. There are many good treatment methods out there which can brilliantly help in bringing your skin back to the way it used to be when it was acne free. Many have given natural acne kits a try and are pretty happy with the results. Others have concentrated more on keeping a healthy diet even if this healing process might be a bit slow but they have gotten a properly healed skin as well. So yes, acne is very much curable. If you suffer from acne, do not lose heart. There are many options out there. Just do your research and you’ll find the one that suits your skin.


Is The Acne By Infection Curable?

All forms of acne are curable. Just because your acne’s reason is infection does not mean that you cannot heal your skin. There are dermal creams that are just for this specific purpose; to cure acne which is caused by an infection or some bacteria. Visit a doctor. They will guide you through the process of selecting a better dermal cream than one you might select yourself.



One thing you should always keep in mind if you have acne; stay positive. The fact is, healing acne or any other skin condition for that matter takes time. Be patient and don’t lose hope and pretty soon, you’ll be rid of this acne and it’ll all seem like a nightmare. It doesn’t matter how you got your acne, just as long as you know how to cure it.

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