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Is It Safe To Use Sunblock?

Introduction And Background

In perpetual worry about our skin, we even worry about the products of skin and whether or not they are good for us.  We keep testing stuff on our skin, wondering if it suits or if it doesn’t. The thing is, some skin care products are quite valuable to our skin. We need them in certain environments, especially if we are of an older age. For instance, cold creams are really necessary in regions where the extremity is towards a colder weather and dry skin is consistent in most of the population. The same way, sunblock is pretty important in our life.

Is Sunblock Safe To Use?
Let’s get right on the topic. Yes, sunblock is safe to use. Till now, there is no evidence to suggest that using a sunblock is in fact bad for the skin or somewhat hazardous or cancerous. Some people think that it might be toxic but then again, they are just rumors. In fact, sunblock is not only safe to use but it is to the advantage of your skin if you use it. The sun has many benefits but it has many dangers as well. In fact, scientific research has proven that using sunblock can reduce the wrinkles you will get in old age and it can also in fact reduce the risk of getting skin cancer! Imagine that!

The Ingredients Of Sunblock
Sunblock does not contain any sort of ingredient which can prove to be harmful for our body. You will be shocked to hear that most of the ingredients used in the creation of sunblocks can actually stop or slow down our skin from aging too quickly. The ingredients are mostly FDA approved and since that is the higher authority on what can and cannot be done then the men and women should feel pretty safe about using sunblocks.

The Risk Of Skin Cancer
The sun is a wonderful thing. Without it, our skin would probably be pale and sallow and without it the human body health will suffer in numerous ways. However, too much of the sun can prove to be dangerous. A lot of people are allergic to the sun in ways that white spots appear on their skin as soon as they reach more than the minimal exposure. For them, using sunblock is of utmost importance. The sun also has harmful ultraviolet rays that we need protection from. They are not bad for our skin in general but if the exposure towards the sun is a lot, the risk for skin cancer increases. This is where the sunblock becomes a savior. With their power to reduce and block UV radiation to harm the skin and also the SPF power method used, the risk of skin cancer is greatly reduced. In fact, the risk of getting a sunburn is also reduced.

SPF Factor
SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. It is the degree of measurement of the sunblock’s protection against the Ultraviolet radiations of the sun. SPF comes in different measures, such as SPF-15. You need to know how much exposure you have to the sun and in order of that time period do you decide what kind of SPF would suit your skin’s needs. The greater the SPF number, the more protection you will get. However, do not get the highest SPF number unless you really require it. It is usually for those people whose skin is really sensitive and who have a history of skin cancer in the family. Only then is a higher SPF required. Other than that, the normal number is fine.

Babies And Sunblock
It is not safe for babies to use sunblock. Any baby below the age of seven months needs to be away from the usage of sunblocks. A baby’s skin is very sensitive and their exposure towards the sun is also needed. Nonetheless, they do not require sunblock protection. It is enough to protect a baby by covering them with a blanket or a coat. Sunblocks are not made for their soft skin types and neither should they be used. But using a sunblock on a one year old is fine and of course above that. Below that, the safety factor is applied and sunblocks are a big NO.

The conclusion that is drawn from this entire article is that sunblocks are pretty safe to use. They do more good than any damage that people can come up with as scientific data has not yet come up with any. Besides providing much needed protection from the sun, sunblocks are also known to moisturize the skin. What other skin care product can provide so much for you? Do not be afraid to use sunblocks, especially if you live in sunny conditions. It can make all the difference to your skin.


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